5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

The city of Dubai is renowned for its pleasant annual climate, exceptional architecture, luxury malls and a more than lively nightlife. However, I would like to suggest that you visit Dubai in a different way through the activities that I carried out 2 weeks ago (in November 2020). 5 things not to miss in Dubai?

There are a number of things to do in Dubai. Whether you are more lazy or adrenaline-fueled, there is something for everyone. So here are my top 5 Things not to miss in Dubai.

Did you say buggy in the desert?

This is without a doubt one of my favorite things to do in Dubai! Monster Experience offers desert excursions: it’s up to you to choose between Buggy, Quad or even Motorbike for a safari in the red desert of Dubai. We chose a Buggy ride at sunset and I don’t regret this choice. Their buggy are sensational, there are no other words. On arrival at the site, you’ll be asked to provide your passport. Then join your Buggy, quad or motorbike and set off to explore the desert. Whether you’re with family or friends, it’s a moment of pure happiness; an absolutely unforgettable experience. A photo and video stop is also offered to immortalize one of the best moments of your trip!

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

Dinner in the Sky

This new generation of Dinner in the Sky table is already spread all over the world. We can totally understand the reason. It’s a somewhat unusual experience that I’m offering you here. Who would refuse to combine Dubai’s unique landscapes with an extraordinary dining experience? Have you ever dined at a table suspended 50m above sea level? Well, it’s time to add this to your Bucket List. Dinner in the Sky offers Lunch, afternoon tea or even Dinner. We chose the 3pm Lunch in order to have good light for our pictures and videos. Although we don’t really know what to capture! Between the views, the chef who cooks in front of you in the air, the kindness and the smile of the waiters, the choice is difficult. This is why we focused on the present moment! It’s definitely an amazing experience.

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

Jet Ski ride with Popeye Jet ski

Who has never watched the Jet Ski go by from their deckchair at the beach? We know that Jet Skiing is not the cheapest activity! And yet, despite being in Dubai, I found Popeye Jet Ski to be quite affordable. What’s more, you can share a Jet Ski with your friend and thus divide the price by 2. They are very open when it comes to timing and are always ready to use their schedules to ensure you have a good time. They are also very well equipped (life jacket, goggles, secure lockers, etc.). We chose the Burj Al Arab Tour because it was a first for us. This tour lasts 30 minutes and includes a photo stop in front of the Burj Al Arab. Your guide will take photos and videos of you for free. On your return, you can take a shower, they give you a bottle of water offered and all your photos. Please don’t forget your passport, they need it to register you.

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

5 Things not to miss in Dubai without an Aquapark? No way!

Going to Dubai without enjoying one of the many aqua parks would be a waste! Even if the choice is difficult, we trusted Trip Advisor so we spent the day at Aquaventure Waterpark voted best water park in Dubai. We’re clearly in an activity that is just as much adrenaline as it’s lazing around. It’s up to you to choose between the 30 slides and attractions or even the longest lazy river in Dubai (45 minutes of ride over a length of 1km400). Not to mention their 500-meter private beach (even if you don’t go to a water park to hang out, we agree!). So? Do you dare to defy the law of gravity with their slide offering an almost vertical drop from a height of 8 floors? Unless you prefer the Poseidon capsule which will make you slide at a speed of up to 60km/h before doing a loop! Hop hop hop, too much adrenaline around here. That’s why we opted instead for slides with floaties like “the Storm” which is my favorite! And to eat, I recommend the Barracuda restaurant which offers everything (pizza, burger, Indonesian, Thai, etc.).

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

And the last one : La Mer Beach

After all these crazy activities, I suggest you a relaxing day at La Mer Beach. La Mer is of my favorite place, it’s a “commercial” district. Shops of all kinds, restaurants, cafes, outdoor activities but ESPECIALLY urban art. The ideal place to stroll, eat or even sunbathe. The beach is very pleasant and offers showers and toilets. Enough to enjoy a day at the beach with everything nearby. Due to the Covid, some restaurants send their employees with their menus to deliver what you want on the beach. Don’t forget to support the businesses that are suffering greatly during this time of health crisis. Speaking of shops, I recommend Holà Delight. For a good ice cream, a smoothie bowl, a fruit cocktail or even good pancakes.

5 Things not to miss in Dubaï

I hope you’ll see Dubai differently after this article, know that there are loads of activities and possibilities in Dubai. I spent almost a whole month there in November 2020 and I wasn’t bored. Keep an open mind and enjoy the moments that life has to offer!



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