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Check out my 5 favourite Instagram spots in Bruges! It’s time for me to talk a little about my country, which I have left out so far.

Bruges is certainly one of the most picturesque cities in Belgium but also one of the most beautiful and pleasant to visit!

Although Bruges is less crowded by tourists than Brussels or Gent, this city remains a victim of its own success. I recommend you to visit it in early spring or autumn which will not detract its charm at all.

Without further ado, here are my 5 favourite Instagram spots:

Minnewater Park

This is probably my favourite place! The “Park of Love” in English is hidden in the south of Bruges, not far from the Beguine convent. It’s a wonderful place to have a walk or read a book but especially far from hustle and bustle. It makes it a perfect spot for Instagram.

Bruges instagram spots Travel blog


Do you recognize this place? It’s considered as one of the most beautiful places in Bruges and is undoubtedly the most photographed. This place appears on most Bruges postcards. The combination of canals and buildings covered with greenery makes it a perfect photo spot.

Bruges instagram spots Travel blog

The Market Square and its colourful buildings

This is where you will find all the Bruges life. The restaurants, the carriages, the belfry but also the Christmas market (in winter) make this place one of the most beautiful in Belgium. If you want to enjoy a nice panoramic view, I recommend you the top of the belfry.

Bruges instagram spots Travel blog


The Bonifacius Bridge, also known as the Fairy-tale Bridge, is the most magical place in Bruges according to me. The decor, the canal, the surrounding architecture and the greenery plunge you into the atmosphere of “Beauty & the Beast”. I recommend you to go early or to be patient if you want to take “THE” perfect photo.

Bruges instagram spots Travel blog

Groenerei (The Green Canal)

I came across this place by accident which is less known than the others. I was on my way to Minnewater Park when I discovered it. There, you can find everything that makes Bruges the “Venice of the North”. It’s a perfectly photogenic place and without crowd around!

Bruges instagram spots Travel blog

Have you ever visited Bruges? I would like to know what’s your favourite place and what you enjoyed the most! Otherwise, I advise you to add it to your Bucket list. We could meet there, who knows?




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