Activities budget for Dubai

Activities budget for Dubai

A trip to Dubai can remain affordable but can also be more expensive. It all depends on the activities and experiences you want to do. Even if it’s sometimes difficult to make a choice, here is an overview of the activities budget for Dubai.

Skydive in Dubai

Have you always to feel this adrenaline by jumping into the void from an airplane? For me, it’s on my Bucket List but only above the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai because I think it’s an incredible view. And besides, it’s one of the 5 best skydiving spots in the world. Two options are available to you for a parachute jump in Dubai at very different prices. A skydive over the Dubai desert costs around €425 ($475) while a jump over the Palm Jumeirah costs €600 ($680). Which famously inflates the budget of activities for Dubai! So is the difference worth it? It all depends on your wishes!

Activities budget for Dubai: Desert Buggy ride

Who has never wanted to drive at full speed in the desert? I had already tried the Quad in Abu Dhabi but I much prefer my Buggy experience in Dubai (where I collaborated with Monster Experience). The price of this activity depends on the number of people you are because you rent the entire Buggy. If you are 4 people instead of 2, it’ll be cheaper for you. I also know that the sunset ride is a bit more expensive. A buggy for 2 people costs around 260€ ($290) with pick up at your hotel, refreshment, helmet, gloves & goggles; i.e. 130€ / Person. A buggy for 4 people costs around 245€ ($274) or 61.25€ / Person (without pickup etc)

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Jet Ski ride

Ahh the Jet Ski! It’s always the holiday activity that we love. However, given the attractive prices and regardless of the location, it’s an activity that I had never done before. I have collaborated with Popeye Jet Ski here. The prices are in any case similar from one company to another. Again, you have several options. In terms of time but also visibility. The longer tours, gives you the view of more famous places in Dubai. The price here is also per Jet Ski and can therefore be divided by 2! Both people can pilot it, so you can swap pilots during a photo stop. The 30 min tour costs 85€ ($95) you leave from the marina in the direction of the Burj Al Arab. The 1 hour tour (which is the best seller) costs 145€ ($160), you pass by the island of Sheikh and therefore in addition to the view of the Burj Al Arab, you’ll have the view of the Skyline marina as well than the Burj Khalifa. The 2-hour tour lets you discover the best spots in Dubai from the sea and costs 215€ ($240).

Activities budget for Dubai: Dinner in the sky

Selected by in its list of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world, Dinner in the Sky is one of the most unique dining experiences one can have. Located in Sky Dive Dubai, a table is suspended by a crane 50 meters high in the sky of Dubai, while you indulge in unique scenery and luxurious dining made by the greatest chefs from around the world. “Dinner in the sky” has already crossed more than 40 countries and flown over all the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Here too the price depends on what you choose. There is something for every budget! The weekend costs more than the week. Dinners cost more than lunches, which makes sense. You can check the different prices here. I’ll still give you two examples: a lunch from Sunday to Thursday costs 145€ ($165) while a dinner (from Friday to Saturday evening) costs 195€ (220$) per person. Will you stick to your activities budget for Dubai? Or will you give in for dinner?

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Conquer the World’s Largest Waterpark

Going to Dubai without enjoying one of the many aqua parks would be a waste! Even if the choice is difficult, we trusted Trip Advisor so we spent the day at Aquaventure Waterpark voted best water park in Dubai. We’re clearly in an activity that is just as much adrenaline as it’s lazing around. It’s up to you to choose between the 105 slides and attractions or even the longest lazy river in Dubai (45 minutes of ride over a length of 1km400). Here no matter what day you want to go (for now) it’s the same price. Unless you are a UAE resident, it costs less. The Aquaventure Day Pass costs €72.5 ($78) per adult (over 8 years old, yes 8!!) Day pass costs less for children under 7 years old only -> 60€ (67$). Then you have to count the expenses on the spot, the food, the drinks etc. I would say around 40€ (45$)/ person without depriving yourself too much.

Which means that if you are 2 people (The price of the Jet Ski and the buggy are therefore shared) and you want to do all these activities, you need a Activities budget for Dubai of around 900€ ($1000) / person.

It’s for this reason that I’m SO grateful to have had collaborations with each of its activities (except the Skydive which I haven’t yet dared to do). So thank you to you, who read me today, to you who follow me on my social media, to you who trust me!!



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