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Windstar Cruises dreams of tahiti

I had already experienced Windstar cruises in Europe back in February. A 7-day Winter Mediterranean voyage from Rome to Barcelona, stopping at Nice and Marseille. We loved it so much that we opted for a Polynesian cruise for my birthday!! (Best gift ever, right?)

So are you ready to embark on a journey through the mesmerizing islands of Tahiti ? From the vibrant shores of Tahiti to the serene beauty of Moorea, Raiatea, Motu Tahaa, Bora Bora, and Huahine. This Windstar cruise was a delightful experience filled with breathtaking views and unforgettable adventures.

About the ship – Windstar – Star Breeze

I’ve never been inclined to go on a cruise because I always pictured those massive ships with 4000 people. Like a floating hotels bustling with young children. The allure of Windstar’s intimate cruise aboard the Star Breeze completely changed my perspective.

The Star Breeze, with its capacity for up to 312 passengers across 156 suites, provides a uniquely intimate and personalized cruise experience. This smaller scale enables access to ports that larger cruise ships cannot reach. Guaranteeing us the opportunity to explore exclusive and authentic destinations that define the essence of luxury travel. And that is exactly what I was looking for!

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Service excellence on Windstar cruises

A personalized service? Yes, indeed! With a high staff-to-passenger ratio, Windstar Cruises provides exceptional and completely personalized service. Crew members quickly become familiar with our preferences, whether it’s our favorite drinks, specific needs, or dinner table preferences. They even addressing us by name / surname for a warmer and more memorable experience on board. Welcome to the Windstar family!

Culinary delights

When it comes to dining aboard the Star Breeze, there’s a culinary journey that unfolds each day, but seven days simply aren’t enough to savor all the delights these restaurants have to offer. Windstar Cruises and the James Beard Foundation are partnered to bring you culinary experiences that are 180 degrees from ordinary.

For lunch, Star Grill serves up a relaxed buffet, and Veranda offers both buffet and à la carte options. In the evenings, Amphora beckons with its ever-changing menu, while Star Grill invites you to dine under the starlit sky. Cuadro 44 tempts with Spanish tapas, and Candles steals hearts with its cozy ambiance and grilled specialties. With the Yacht Club and 24-hour room service available, you can indulge in delicious meals and snacks whenever you want ! (Maybe not the best new for you diet haha)

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And one of my favorite spots for its ambiance and view is the bar! Let’s be honest, also for its signature cocktails like Piña Coladas, Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris, and the refreshing Cucumber Cooler.

Windstar Cruises – Onboard amenities

Even though we didn’t spend much time on board due to the incredible islands we had the chance to explore, the Star Breeze is incredibly well-appointed. It features a spa with sauna and hammam offering unforgettable massages but also a hair salon.

I clearly recommend you to book a massage! It was one of the best massages of my life (I get massages twice a month for several years, and I lived in Bali for 4 months where I got massages three times a week haha ; so trust me !)

For those concerned about gaining weight due to the onboard delights, there’s a 24-hour gym available. What could be better than working out with an ocean view? While my companion frequented the gym, I preferred to relax at the pool on deck 7, enjoying the jacuzzi and a delicious piña colada in hand (we didn’t quite have the same goals haha).

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Excursions – Windstar Dreams of Tahiti

As someone who always plans everything in advance, I can say that with Windstar, it’s a true vacation because I don’t have to worry about a thing. They offer a minimum of 5 completely different excursions for each island. From helicopter flights to island tours, there’s something for everyone. (note that excursions aren’t included in the cruise price.)

During our trip, we went jet skiing in Bora Bora (check my instagram reel here), visited a pearl farm and vanilla plantation in Motu Tahaa, and went on a safari expedition in Huahine. In addition to excursions, the ship also organizes a variety of onboard activities such as pilates, sports, workshops, language and Polynesian dance classes, and more. Plus, there are surprises like barbecue lunch on private motus with traditional dance performances and evenings illuminated by fire, featuring delicious lobster and fire dance shows.

Windstar Cruises dreams of tahiti

Windstar cruises stands out among other cruises in my opinion. It’s intimate, luxurious, and personalized. I can only recommend you to experience it. Whether in Tahiti, Europe, or even Greenland, whether you’re fond of sunshine, relaxation, adventure, or exploration, I’m certain that more than one of their cruises will appeal to you!

They say, “Third time’s a charm,” so when and where will the next cruise be? Each journey with Windstar Cruises has been unforgettable, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll go next. Whether it’s another tropical escape, a cultural exploration, or a polar adventure, one thing is certain: it will be extraordinary. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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