Tenerife what to do island beach

Wha to do in Tenerife ? This destination was definitely a revelation for me! I went there in September to create my Instagram course because I needed to be alone and find inspiration. Having finished earlier than expected and expecting absolutely nothing from this island, I decided to rent a car for my last 3 days. And that’s how, quite simply, I fell in love with Tenerife Island.

In 3 days, I couldn’t do the Volcano but that didn’t really interest me. So I’m going to share with you the 3 places that made me realize the beauty of this Spanish island. Check this reel to get a preview.

Arco de Tajao

Tenerife what to do island beach

Welcome to Mars! Another planet. Arco de Tajao is the most famous arch in Tenerife and yet I didn’t meet anyone there. A huge dry and desert expanse that reminded me a bit of the series Stranger Things. You could hear a pin drop there. If like me, you like cacti, you will be served! It takes about ten minutes to get there from the road. You can park on the side as there isn’t really any parking (unless I arrived on the wrong side haha). Also, I advise you to wear sneakers because the ground is somewhat slippery!

Masca Valley

Tenerife what to do island beach

Where how to have the impression of being in Peru. Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I’ll let you judge for yourself by this Instagram reel. It was just crazy; the valley is huge. I advise you to give it an afternoon because you have the winding road with some viewpoints / photo spots. I’m very sad not to have had my drone because the shots would have been breathtaking. We all agree that an aerial view gives more impact than a video on the iPhone.

Anyway, you have two small villages to walk around. One which is the best known and the other which is really very small, but it’s from here that I took this reel. For the famous village, I wish you good luck in finding a parking space. Come early or be patient. And for those who like hiking, which is not my case haha, there are beautiful ones on that side.

Playa de Benijo – Tenerife

Tenerife what to do island beach

What I loved about Tenerife is that you feel like you’re on a little trip around the world. Playa De Benijo is a black sand beach that looks like Iceland. I thought I was no longer amazed by Europe and was a little jaded by everything lately. That’s the problem when you do crazy stuff, you’re not impressed by much anymore (I’m working on it, mindfulness, gratefulness, all that stuff).

In short, I was saying, for the first time in a long time, I was speechless. One of the most beautiful sunsets of my life! Check this reel to get an idea. I guess if you have seen it, you are clearly convinced that it’s one of the best spots in Tenerife. Afterwards I must admit that the black sand beaches thrill me more than those of white sand or even pink sand. Little tips, if you continue further than Benijo beach (when the ocean is on your left) you will come across the beach where I made my videos. There are wonderful wooden stairs to get down there, you can’t go wrong. Parking is super simple, there are two car parks and there weren’t many people except locals.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that I made you discover another part of Tenerife. Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, to check the highlight stories about Tenerife. I often share more things there than on my blog / feed.



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