I stayed in Suarga Padang Padang during my 4th trip to Bali. This one is located in one of my favorite parts of the island. The Bukit peninsula, near the most beautiful surf beaches. Including that of Padang Padang but also close to the famous Uluwatu Temple.

The concept of Suarga Padang Padang

Consciously designed to blend modern luxury with a minimal impact on the environment, Here plastic is non-existent. This hotel really has a very good concept that brings us closer to the earth. It’s rare for luxury hotels to feel concerned about things like plastics, local materials, polution, etc.

Suarga Padang Padang is built upon the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economical. For example the materials used are entirely local to indonesia allowing the design to correspond graciously to the culture of its locale. It’s why I wanted to stay there!

Bedroom at Suarga Padang Padang

This sustainable boutique resort features 36 rooms, pavilions and villas all featuring panoramic views of the ocean, resort, or gardens.

I stayed in a beautiful sea view pavilion with a very nice balcony. We had an air-conditioned bed system replacing the traditional air conditioning system, creating the ideal conditions for a restful and revitalizing sleep.

Wide teak wood shutters allow the sea breeze to flow through the rooms and keep a good temperature in the room.

We had a half outdoor bathroom. Still here, no plastic! Large bottles of shower gel, shampoo and after shampoo are available in non-plastic containers.

We had a separate toilet, shower area, and double vanity copper-lined sink carved from solid repurposed merbau bridge rafters. Certainly an unique experience in the world !


Breakfast is served with a magnificent view over the ocean. What better way to start the day? You have something for everyone! Sweet (fruit, pastries, pancakes, muesli but also delicious verrines of cottage cheese, mixed fruit). But also salty (bread of all kinds, so many choice of eggs, bacon etc). And of course fresh fruit juice & water infused with fruits. I simply have nothing to say about this perfect breakfast.

What I loved

A magnificent pool overlooking one of the most famous beaches of the island of the gods. A garden blooms to lose yourself the space of a morning. One of the most beautiful places to drink a cocktail during the sunset. A hotel with good moral and social values!

The Suarga Padang Padang is without a doubt one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at. So I can only advise you to stay at Suarga Padang Padang during your trip to Bali!



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