Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu

Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu

Canggu is the most touristic city in Bali, It’s called ‘white city’ by the locals. Canggu is where most expats have decided to settle. It’s the HQ of entrepreneurs, investors but also bloggers & influencers. This city has absolutely everything you could need: Spa, yoga classes, meditation, gym, nice little cafe for the day but above all very good restaurants! In more than 3 months I had time to test a good number of them so here is my top 5 restaurants in Canggu:

Samesa Canggu – €€

Samesa is without a doubt one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in my life! Warm welcome, the concept is just awesome. Come as strangers and leave as friends. All the guests sit together at one table as one big Italian family enjoying a meal of the highest quality. It’s a 4-course dinner where around 18 dishes are served.
Only positives vibes here! The cocktails are to die for! Not to mention that endless food. And don’t be afraid to be hungry it’s impossible, there is something for everyone and for all tastes. It was as delicious as it was beautiful! If you are in Bali, I clearly recommend the address, we celebrated with the whole table (the free flow limoncello certainly had something to do with it haha)

Billy Ho – €€ – Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu

A rather intimate restaurant, in a very ‘Dark’ atmosphere that I really appreciated! Billy Ho is one of the last restaurants I did in Canggu before leaving and I wish I had discovered it sooner. Have you ever tasted Asian Fusion cuisine? It was a first for me and I was amazed by the quality of the dishes! Here also you can either choose ‘à la carte’ or choose the ‘Early Bird feed me menu’ (from 5.00 PM – 6.30 PM only 2 pax min). If you choose ‘à la carte’, I strongly recommend the Scallops & prawn dumpling har gow. We also tasted: Robata grilled carrots, grilled hokkaido scallops, spicy salmon roll dynamite. For the dish, the Japanese saffron risotto is one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Billy Ho. So I let myself be tempted by this dish as well as the Red glazed lamb shoulder. Besides the food, the cocktails were really excellent (big crush on the Asian Daiquiri) This restaurant is clearly the ideal place for a romantic date or to impress your friends! The service is a level above other restaurants.

Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu Billy Ho

Sababa Canggu – €

Welcome to Sababa Habibi! If you want to take a trip to the Middle East, you’ve come to the right place! You can’t miss the restaurant, you just have to pass by to hold your gaze because it’s very different from the others. An atypical decoration, a warm atmosphere and an enticing menu. Who said you had to eat only Indonesian in Bali? Sababa offers discovery menus with their best dishes (one at 250K or 15€ & another at 400K or 24€) that’s what we decided to try. Hummus, salad, falafel, barramundi, cauliflower, couscous, tabouli, etc. A real treat, and don’t worry, the quantities are huge! And for dessert, I leave you the surprise but believe me, it’s worth the detour! The service was really good and everything I tasted had unique flavors. That’s why I wanted to include it in my Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu

Sababa  Canggu best restaurant bali

Hippie Fish Pererenan – €€

The restaurant that ended these lovely months spent in Canggu. Hippie Fish is located in Pererenan just opposite the beach. I therefore advise you to go there for the sunset. For my part, I arrived there later and I was very sad to have missed this moment when I discovered the place. The menu is not huge but don’t we say: Quality instead of quantity? I prefer to tell myself that what I eat is 100% fresh! Ask to be upstairs to be covered from the wind. The atmosphere is very chic and also intimate. I strongly recommend the Frozen Coconut Daiquiri which was one of my favorite cocktails during my entire stay in Bali (yup !). In terms of dishes, I took first calamari fritti (delicious!) and fish croquettes (not my type). Then I chose Spaghetti vongole and Fregola ai frutti di mare and both were excellent! The quantity is much more generous than in other restaurants. Obviously if you don’t like fish, this restaurant isn’t for you because as its name suggests, Hippie Fish!

Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu Hippie Fish

Last one of my Top 5 restaurants in Canggu

Favela is a bit like the place to be, to tell the truth. They no longer need advertising. If you are in Bali and you love tapas, this place is for you. Although they expanded their menu recently! The interior of this restaurant is simply breathtaking. Their name La Favela is clearly expressed everywhere! From the toilets to the restaurant, to the bar to their rooftop. If you haven’t been to Mexico or Brazil yet, you’ll get a little taste of it. And from 10 p.m. the restaurant turns into one of the best places to go out! I arrived at the opening at 7PM and I left at the closing at 5am haha! In short, you will have understood, it’s a big yes for me. Everything was delicious including the cocktails and I strongly advise you to enjoy their good sounds all night long.

Favela Seminyak top restaurant bali

I could have made a top 10 to include Amici (which is more on Semyniak and which I loved!) or even Shelter, Skool kitchen, Bokashi, etc. But I preferred to limit myself so that the article is not too long.

Bali is currently at its peak and continues to develop. New restaurants appear almost every week… I’m sure more gems are about to be born! A trip is also about discovering things for yourself; then go on an adventure! Or if you prefer to save time or fear disappointment, take note of my Top 5 Restaurants in Canggu.

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