2019 is over and although we move on to a new year that will be wonderful for sure, I would like to come back to it to express my gratitude and share my best trips of the year.

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, 2019 wasn’t at all planned like that. Separation, moving, change of job, etc. However, I’m glad I was able to cope with all of these changes so quickly. Despite all these unforeseen events, some of which were very negative, I’m grateful to have been able to travel, discover new places and live a year still filled with good times.

The best trips of the year – Where have I been?

I have traveled to quite a few new destinations this year and I have revisited my favorites. I revisited Andalusia, Bali, Budapest as well as a new part of Italy. The other destinations were totally new to me! So I’ll rather talk to you about these and not about Bali & Budapest.

I mostly visited a lot of islands, you know, I like tropical and sunny places! Hence the name of my Instagram and blog account: Sand in our hands.

My Road trip in Andalusia

I started the year with Malaga with a road trip through Andalusia. One of my favorite parts of Spain. I saw incredible landscapes, walked through magnificent small typical villages, stayed in one of my favorite hotel “Kempinski Bahia” and I especially visited one of the most beautiful castles I have seen! I share with you my itinerary about this road trip HERE. And my 5 favorite Instagam spots.

Kempinski Bahia Hotel Review Andalusia

My catamaran cruise in West Indies

Definitely one of my best trips. This experience was just idyllic. Sailing at night and waking up each morning on a different paradise island, isn’t that a dream? Thanks to this trip, I learned a lot about myself, you always get out of your comfort zone by staying on a catamaran. But I wouldn’t mind spending my days there.  I’ll soon write you an article about this dream private catamaran cruise.

French West Indies best trips

The colorful island of Malta

Malta has been on my bucket list for a long time. I did a little road trip across the island to discover its gems. The weather wasn’t in my favor but I still took advantage of what this island had to offer. Between blue lagoon, fortress, medieval town, architecture, fishing village and typical market, I think I have enjoyed Malta as it should. You can read here what to do in Malta.

Malta travel blog sandinourhands

Koh Samui, a daydream

I have no words for this trip, I discovered a new part of me. I had already been a few times in Thailand (especially in Pattaya and Bangkok). But Koh Samui is in no way comparable. It’s definitely one of my new Happy Places. This trip moreover, helped me to overcome my separation and I’m extremely grateful. What is more, I collaborate with two of my favorite hotel chains. Renaissance of the Marriott group but also Nikki Beach. Read this article if you plan to visit Koh Samui.

Koh Samui travel blog what to do

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

A first for me in the Arab Emirates. Between my desert safari, luxury cars, incredible buildings such as the Burj Khalifa or even luxury hotels, these two cities are timeless. A journey to the future in a place where money is only paper and where everyone has plenty of it. I’m going back to Dubai at the end of February to take advantage of it a little more because I had to return to Belgium during this trip due to a health problem.

Desert safari abu dhabi dubai

Dolomites – One of my best trips

Visiting the Dolomites was really important to me. Although you’re used to tropical destinations, I left a part of my heart there. (So yes, it’s one of my best trips ever!) The perfect place to relax, I had no words in front of these landscapes more beautiful than each other. Its blue lakes, its mountain range, its roads with marvelous landscapes. I have driven for hours in the Dolomites and I never got tired of it. I’ll definitely going back very soon! Check my road trip here.

Dolomites road trip best trips

Party in Ibiza

Who would not be willing to party and see the Martin Garrix show in one of the most beautiful day clubs in the world? USHUAIA! For those who don’t know, I resumed my hostess work right after this trip and I knew it was going to be busy. Festivals, nights, events of all kinds. I needed a break before working around 90 to 110 hours a week. YES, you counted well! This makes days around 14 to 16 hours and 7 days a week. Ibiza was the perfect place to unwind before all that work and stress.

A bit of sun in Guadeloupe

It was cold in Belgium, so I took my flight to Guadeloupe in December on a whim. I needed to change my mind after more than 5 months without traveling! I worked a lot from August to December and I don’t know how I manage to stay so many months without traveling. It hadn’t happened in 3 years! In any case, Guadeloupe was the ideal place to sunbathe and rest a little.


It’s by writing this article that I realize that 2019, although it started badly, ended in a rather positive way. Lots of discoveries and memories. So let’s do everything to make 2020 as good or even better!



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