Desert safari abu dhabi dubai

I think this kind of activity must be in the bucket list of over 80% of people! Anyway, doing a safari in the desert was definitely on mine.

My trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi was planned in May So I took the opportunity and decided to work with Ocean Air for this experience.

What’s the price of a Desert Safari?

It depends on the place, what you want (with or without meals, the number of people etc). For Dubai and Abu Dhabi it turns around $ 60 per person.

Several companies offer this kind of activity because it’s one of the most famous. Visit the United Arab Emirates without Safari in the desert, it’s pretty silly!

Desert Safari Itinerary:

The driver picks you up at your hotel at an agreed time around 3.00pm. From there, you take the road towards the desert (about 45 minutes drive, depending on where your hotel is).

We had a stop to feed the camels at the base camp. From there, we left for over 40 minutes of dune bashing with a professional driver.

Then the long-awaited moment, sandboarding! You must have seen several photos or videos of this type of activity. You go down a sand dune on a board (it’s like surfing!)

Desert safari abu dhabi dubai

Head to the camp where there is a photo stop with the sunset but also a camel riding shorts (I didn’t do it because I’m against that kind of thing). I preferred to rent a quad and go lose myself in the dunes.

Once everyone has finished their tour, we return to the beautiful camp where we await a delicious buffet, unlimited drinks and clean toilets! You can also get tattooed with henna, smoke a shisha and admire Belly dancing show after the meal.

After that, the driver will take you back to your hotel with memories full of heads and stars in your eyes!

Some tips:

Avoid eating before, because the ride is quite hectic. I’m used to thrills and you must have a strong heart and a tight stomach.

Always bring fresh water with you, it’ll allow you to drink when you want. The desert air is hot and dry. Dehydration or sunstroke happens faster than we think, so take a hat or cap.

Don’t do like me, plan sneakers! This will be easier for sandboarding and quad. For my part, you know, I’m still barefoot and it’s totally possible to do it. Even if that says desert says scorpions… So protect your feet!

Desert safari abu dhabi dubai

Some companies offer a night in the camp but I was clearly not ready to sleep in the middle of the desert. So Maybe next time who knows! In any case I absolutely loved this experience with Ocean Air.



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