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I must admit that Guadeloupe was not among my bucket list. This trip was booked a week before leaving! Organized at the last minute and therefore chosen only thanks to Skyscanner who indicated it to us as one of the cheapest flights (only 350€ for a 9 hour flight from Paris Orly). However I appreciated Guadeloupe and I tell you what to do!

Rum factories

Traveling obviously involves discovering cultural institutions, rum factories are in the foreground in Guadeloupe. There are 9 rum factories in Guadeloupe. 5 on Basse Terre, 1 on Grande Terre & 3 on Marie Galante island. Guadeloupe produces two types of Rum. Industrial Rum & Agricultural Rum. You’ll have understood that agricultural rum is the best. Click HERE to find out which ones to visit!

Beaches please!

The island of Guadeloupe resembling a butterfly is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you prefer white sand or black sand, you will be won over! Wild coves, lively beaches but also pebble beach, here are 10 unmissable beaches!

  • Caravelle beach in Sainte-Anne (a good part belongs to the Club Med)
  • Bois-Jolan beach in Sainte-Anne (a peaceful getaway away from the crowds)
  • Raisins Clairs beach in Saint-François (warm and transparent waters)
  • Datcha beach in Le Gosier (The best spot for a colorful sunset)
  • Porte d’Enfer beach in Anse Bertrand (surrounded by high cliffs)
  • L’Anse du Souffleur in Port-Louis (golden sand, one of my favorite beach)
  • Anse à la gourde (You can taste the coconut sorbet here)
  • Grande Anse beach in Deshaies (wild and mountainous décor)
  • Malendure beach in Mahaut (black sand and Gateway to the famous Cousteau Reserve)
  • Bouillante beach (best for the end, the water is extremely hot because it’s heated by a geothermal center, hence the name of the city “Boiling” in English and you can spot colorful fishes here!)

Guadeloupe what to do travel blog

Bathing in a hot spring surrounded by nature

On the island of Guadeloupe, the Soufriere volcano heats up small underground streams. These stand out in several corners of Basse-Terre. If you like hot baths, here are some addresses: la source de Thomas located in Bouillante; le bassin Paradis near the Carbet falls and le bain des amours heart-shaped.

A day at Marie Galante, authentic Guadeloupe

Marie Galante is one of the islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago. Several companies will offer you day cruises. By ferry, speed boat, catamaran, the choice is yours! I really enjoyed exploring the island, but if I had to do it again, I would do it on my own in order to discover the island in my own way. Don’t miss the Bellevue distillery, the Murat house and the Anse canot beach!

Guadeloupe Marie Galante island

Special activities

Guadeloupe offers a lot of things like waterfalls (le saut d’acomat & the carbet falls); climbing the volcano; diving; Cacao’s house; Guadeloupe national park; Botanical Garden; archaeological park; coffee museum etc. In short it’s up to you to see what interests you! It’s easy to provide you with a map of Guadeloupe. Ask for one at the airport! This will make your trip easier, especially if you are traveling by yourself, as we did! Renting a car is without a doubt my best advice!

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy the beaches, taste the Creole cuisine and admire the sunset.

“You’ll never know until you Go”

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