Fergus Style Palmanova Mallorca – Hôtel Review

Fergus Style Palmanova Mallorca best hotel

You know how much I love Indonesia with its dreamy hotels and extraordinary swimming pools. Well I found a part of Bali at Fergus Style Palmanova thanks to their Swimp’up Room! I had never seen such a hotel in Europe and this one is in Mallorca, a pretty little island in the Balearic Islands. Fergus is a small hotel chain present in Cadiz, Mallorca & Ibiza. There is definitely one that will catch your eye!

Location of Fergus Style Palmanova

So as the name suggests, this one is located right in front of the beautiful Palmanova beach on the island of Mallorca. This Adult Only hotel completely charmed us with its exclusivity. Ideally located between restaurants, bars and beaches while remaining out of sight. You just need to walk a few minutes to shop in the pretty little shops of Mallorca. The hotel has its own parking lot at the rear of the building, which makes your stay even more pleasant. In short, an ideal location facing the sea, calm and close to everything!

Fergus Style Palmanova Mallorca best hotel

What about the food?

You automatically have breakfast included with the room but you can also choose half board. As we’re always on the move, we only had breakfast. This one was more than diverse! Pastries, fresh fruit and squeezed juices (YES!), raw vegetables, bacon and even hot oatmeal. A cook directly prepares your eggs and pancakes on request, you couldn’t beat it. We also ordered a few cocktails and meals at the pool bar. We tried the Humus and the Club Sandwich which were both excellent. The service is very fast and above all meticulous.

Pool Goals!

There are a few things a successful holiday has to do and if you’ve been following me for some time you’ll know how much I love swimming pools. The Fergus Style Palmanova has 3 swimming pools, 2 of which are clearly out of the ordinary. The first is a swimming pool with a ‘glass bottom’ giving a direct glimpse into the reception. Which makes the reception just as unique as the swimming pool itself. The second pool is the one to which we had direct access from the terrace of our “Swim’up Room”. Imagine waking up, going to the terrace and being right with your feet in the water! What a dream isn’t it?

Fergus Style Palmanova Mallorca best hotel

My favorite things at Fergus Style Palmanova:

I greatly appreciated the warm welcome with a glass of sparkling wine at the hotel bar overlooking the sea. I was pleasantly surprised by the helpful, smiling but above all enterprising staff. Sometimes you didn’t even have to ask someone to guess your need or question. I felt really peaceful in this hotel which is, as said above, Adult Only. I, who don’t have children and who appreciate the peace and quiet, being able to enjoy the pool with a little chill background music, was just what I needed. Of course I also loved the room with this direct access to the pool which transported me far beyond the island of Mallorca.

Fergus Style Palmanova Mallorca best hotel

My stay was fabulous and I can’t wait to stay again at this small Spanish hotel chain that does everything possible to please its guests.



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