Terhills Resort, a timeless luxury stay in Belgium

The way we choose our getaway has changed a lot since the Covid. We used to take left-to-right flights. A short weekend in Rome, 2-3 days in Budapest, but now we have learned to discover our country and the concept of “holidays near home”. And what a joy when you find a rare gem like Terhills Resort. The feeling of being abroad having only driven 1.5 hours sounds kinda nice, doesn’t it?

I suppose you’re probably familiar with the Center Parcs group, which owns more than 28 different areas in Europe, including 6 in Belgium. Well, Terhills Resort is also one of their ideas, but with its own identity within the group. A smaller estate than the others, combining luxury and greenery by the water. Located in Limburg next to Maasmechelen and a stone’s throw from the Haute Campine National Park, this mining site converted into a tourist area is sure to please you!

A little story about the transformation of the site:

And yes, before the arrival of this pretty estate there was a coal and gravel extraction site, it’s immediately less glamorous, isn’t it? Since the 1990s, Center Parcs and LRM had a very specific project: to allow nature to regain its rights by including a place where humans can reconnect with their environment. Terhills Resort represents one of the most sustainable transformations in Belgium. More than 219 hectares of the former mining site have been cleaned up as part of this extraordinary project! 100 hectares have been returned to nature and 119 hectares have been devoted to the development of recreational and tourist facilities.

The elegant cottages at Terhills Resort:

Terhills Resort has around 250 cottages of which 18 different types can accommodate between 2 and 12 people. Between the normal cottages or those on the lake side or even the level of VIP or exclusive luxury, you have the choice. From our side we stayed in a 6 person VIP cottage and lacked absolutely nothing. The morning view of the water points is just exceptional, a true haven of peace. (You can see a video right HERE).

The comfort and delicacy of each room, carefully decorated, makes us feel at home, even better! Each bedroom has its own bathroom, which makes it possible to go with family as well as friends. For those who want to indulge themselves, some exclusive cottages have a sauna and their own jetty to dock their small electric boat. So what more could you ask for?

Between man and nature:

All the activities offered by Terhills Resort revolve around nature. A reconnection between humans and their environment. Boot camp, fitness trail, yoga session, discovery trail, etc. It’s clearly impossible to do them all. That’s why we had to make a tactical choice.

We wanted to visit the animal farm so planned a time with the Alpacas (these don’t stay at Terhills Resort, they come with their owners at specific times). I literally dreamed of going to Peru to see Llamas and Alpacas, and I just had to walk a few minutes in the field to meet them. We also took the opportunity to feed the goats and cuddle the huge rabbits straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

My little brother then chose several other activities:

Marshmallow roasting: meet in the forest around several fires, you’re then given a delicious hot chocolate, a stick, a bag with several cookies, some marshmallow and above all, explanations on the right way to toast them.

Geocaching: we both love this activity of finding “caches” based on our geolocation. Just download the app and take a look around for nearby caches. The first cache appeared in 2000 and there are now over 3 million in over 200 different countries! Terhills Resort has decided to create its own little geocaching course, I strongly recommend this free activity.

The construction of a raft: Koh Lanta HERE WE ARE! You have everything you need to build a raft, plastic barrels, wooden logs, ropes etc. The challenge is to build it before the other team. A super pleasant and intuitive time with the family. Then head to the lake to see if it’s floating! (A word of advice, put on the combination we offer you, do you ever know that your raft is not as strong as ours ^^)

Mini-golf: Obviously, this has been my little brother’s favorite activity for over 10 years. The Adventure Golf is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Mini-Golfs I have seen. 100% aligned with nature, it blends in perfectly. This one has 14 holes for your viewing pleasure. Our score is 47 moves, it’s up to you!

With all this we didn’t even have time to go to the Aqua Garden and yet their tropical river and their infinity pool made us want!

What’s more, from October 30, an ice rink has appeared at Terhills Resort. It’s accessible from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. and it is only € 10 per person including material. Be careful, don’t forget your gloves!

The facilities of the Terhills Resort area:

In addition to offering a bunch of different activities to keep us entertained, the park also offers electric golf cart and electric boat rentals. We chose the 2 options for ease and in order to save time from one activity to the next. The electric boat is quite nice to discover the area in a different way. That costs 45 € for 2 hours rental.

For a romantic moment, take a picnic and enjoy it in the middle of the lake with the breathtaking view of the estate. You will literally be transported out of time.

In terms of catering, the Terland Restaurant is clearly a huge asset for Terhills Resort! A design & trendy restaurant with its own beach bar. We went there for every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even had a chic aperitif during the sunset on their big, soft and super comfortable deckchairs! Whether breakfast or dinner, we enjoyed every bite facing one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Belgium. The prices are quite affordable for the quality and the service offered. Risotto, meat, pasta, wood-fired pizza, hamburger, nachos, we absolutely loved everything. A big nod to their “Eton Mess” dessert made with strawberries, meringue, mascarpone and white chocolate, flawless!

You’ll understand that the Terhills Resort has clearly succeeded in combining nature with people through their cottages, activities and restaurants offering only seasonal products. With family, friends, team building, and whatever the season, I’m sure the trip is worth it.



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