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Estepona was another stop during my Road Trip in Andalusia. It’s a typical and charming white village. It made me think of Santorini for a moment – which I would love to discover – with its white lanes and flowered facades.

In order to thank you for being so present on my various social networks, I wanted to make it easier for you and give you a list of the most beautiful streets of this beautiful village.

My tip to find the best places:

I found them while strolling on Google Earth with Google’s little yellow man just before my departure (well it took me some time but once there it was very useful!).

For other destinations, I usually read guides, blogs but also search on Instagram with the hashtags!

Estepona Chuch

The Church of Our Lady of the Remedies is a beautiful church with summer colours. As a Buddhist, I didn’t go inside. The outside is enough for a photo stop, especially from the stairs.

Estepona instagram alleys travel blog

Estepona alleys

Even though they are all alike, the colour of the facades, flowerpots & brightness change from one lane to another. Here are my favorites:

  • The first one is Calle Pozo de Los Palos with its beautiful flowered secret passage
  • You have also Calle San Miguel with its purple flowerpots and yellow balconies
  • I really loved Calle San José with its many plants (see the first picture)
  • And of course Calle San Cayetano which exudes the pretty colour of the sun
  • The colorful Calle Concepcion with its yellow house and plants
  • In addition Calle San Antonio with its distant view of Estepona Church
  • And finally my favorite Calle Bermudez with its alley of red flowerpots (see the photo below)

Estepona instagram alleys travel blog

Estepona squares

Many small squares and streets are hidden in the alleys of Estepona. You will maybe find some luckily!

  • Plaza de las Flores, the most famous and touristic with its cafes and restaurants. This is the only place in the village where it’s possible to eat.
  • Plaza Juan Bazan with its fountains and small benches. The perfect place to enjoy a picnic you prepared the day before!
  • Plaza Manilva lined with my favourite trees! The orange trees.
  • Pasaje Maria Cintrano with its source of drinking water and pink flower pots. Go down the stairs to reach the secret passage of Calle Pozo de Los Palos.
  • Pasaje de Felipe Campuzano with its multi-coloured flower pots set on the walls is certainly one of the most unstoppable places in Estepona. (See photo below)

Estepona instagram alleys travel blog

For a nice photo in front of a Spanish monument you can also go to the Museo Arqueologico in Estepona.

The best thing to do to prepare your visit is to create a map on Mymap and add the points above. As we went there by car we parked in an alley 5 minutes away from our first point. This saved us from paying the parking.

I hope that you will have the pleasure to visit Estepona and that you will make the most of these many addresses!



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