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As famous as the Lavender fields in Provence, the Tulips fields of Holland needs to be added to your Bucket list. Whether it’s for the pleasant smell, the wonderful landscapes, the happy colors or the photos you will take!

When is the best time to see Flower fields?

From mid-March to the end of May, Holland is transformed into a huge landscape of flowers. Of course on the first few days, not all tulips are bloomed and in contrast, at the end of May, several fields have already seen their tulips cut and a crowd of tourists passed between their ranks of flower. I advise that you go there in middle of April. In addition to tulips, you can admire many other flowers, such as hyacinths or daffodils.

Where are the most beautiful fields?

The best ones are between Harlem and Leiden. On the side of Lisse more exactly while strolling around this city. To observe them, you have to drive a little, either by car or by bike while admiring the scenery. Be careful, flower fields are private properties. Ask the farmer politely if you can stay and take pictures, but if he still refuses it would be better to leave, there are far more fields than the one you’re on. 

Here are some places to admire and take some pictures of pretty bulbs. They are all a few minutes drive from each other. (I went there with my own car because it’s only 2 hours drive from home).

Keukenhof Tulip fields Holland Sandinourhands travel blog

  • Westeinde, 2211 Noordwijkerhout
  • Herenweg, 2211 Noordwijkerhout
  • Loosterweg Zuid, 2161 Lisse
  • Heereweg 351, 2161 CA Lisse
  • Essenlaan, 2161 Lisse
  • Zwartelaan, 2161 Lisse
  • Zilkerbinnenweg, 2191 De Zilk
  • Veenenburgerlaan, 2182 Hillegom
  • Zuider Leidsevaart, Hillegom

Keukenhof park, the most beautiful spring park in the world!

This park is the best place to observe tulips and other bulbs. A kind of paradise flower. It’s located 30 km from Amsterdam in Lisse, in the center of all the addresses that I gave you above. Entrance and parking are as good as any tourist places. (16€/p & 6€ for the parking – you can buy your tickets on their site to avoid the queue at the entrance).

Many say this park is the most beautiful garden in the world, and I must admit that it’s not for nothing, it’s really an incredible garden. You need a good half day to visit it entirely because it’s more than 32 hectares. It attracts more than one million tourists a year while it’s only open for less than two months (from the end of March to mid-May), and has more than seven million bulbs. It’s the international emblem of bulb flowers in Holland. 

It’s not only the flowers but also incredible landscapes, an enchanted forest, a labyrinth, a huge mill, a river and five pavilions grouping varieties of bulbs more incredible than the others and bearing the names of the sovereigns current and past. There is nothing to worry about in case it rains, you can watch flowers in the shelter. So walk, eat a cotton candy and enjoy this wonderful place.

Keukenhof Tulip fields Holland Sandinourhands travel blog

I hope this article is helpful if you’re planning your visit to the flower fields. If you like flowers or cotton candy too, you can leave me a nice/funny comment below.



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