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I decided to share my trip in Dolomites that has been close to my heart for a long time, even though you are used to the tropics on my blog!

Listed as World Heritage by Unesco, the Dolomites is a mountain range located in northern Italy (also called South Tyrol). Breath-taking views, mountains, hiking, lakes and forest… nothing to be bored in the Dolomites.

As usual, I chose a Fiat500 to make this road trip. If I had the chance to do it again, I would rather opt for a 4×4. The altitude of the Dolomites is quite high and you can easily go from sunny 18 degrees to snow-covered 3 degrees from one place to another.

Dolomites road trip travel blogger sandinourhands

Dolomites Convenience

I visited the Dolomites in May and yet I had snow and a low temperature. For example, one of the lakes I saw was still frozen. Regarding Tre Cime and Lago Di Sorapis, it was a snowfall! It must be said that the totally unpredictable weather of the Dolomites wasn’t favourable to me.

I landed in Venice Treviso where I rented the car and then took the road to Bolzano. The Dolomites are quite big and the journeys from one place to another can be long. My first stop in Bolzano was to do some shopping. Bottles of water, sandwiches, fruits, tissues and go!

The Lago Di Carezza

This small alpine lake located at an altitude of 1520m was a huge favourite during this road trip in the Dolomites. Between mountains and fir trees, the atmosphere is very serene. I parked on the side where a few places are available which avoided me the paid parking (1€/h). Count 30 minutes for a tour the lake. Luckily, I only met a few people. Regarding the convenience, a restaurant and toilets are available at this location.

Lago di Carezza Dolomites road trip

San Giovanni Church

Located in Santa Maddalena, I must admit I was quite disappointed by this stop. The church is well known on social networks but I didn’t think it was exceptional. Barriers have been placed to prevent people from wandering in the field. This removes the charm of the place and makes shooting almost impossible. You must also hope for a clear sky to enjoy a breath-taking view.

Lago Di Braies

This lake is undoubtedly the most famous place of the Dolomites. Some movies and series have been shot there. And if you have to take only one picture in the Dolomites, it’s certainly THE one with the boats on this pretty lake. And yet, here again you must be lucky because the boat rental manager doesn’t really have a fixed schedule. During my visit, I unfortunately arrived at the same time as the shooting of a movie. Although I was a little disappointed for my picture, the place is more than charming and it’s very pleasant to walk there. You have to count 5€ for parking and careful because drones are prohibited!

Dolomites road trip travel blogger sandinourhands

Lago Di Landro

Another lake?! I had to go to Tre Cime first but as mentioned above, a snowstorm changed my plans. As I was searching for what was close to me, I added this beautiful lake to my plans. And again here, a big favourite for this charming and relaxing place.

Cadini Del Brenton

I recommend this stop which is a little less known. Between waterfalls, deep cavities & forest, Cadini Del Brenton looks like an enchanted world. You have to be prepared for this place because there is a bit of walking but it’s well worth it. And if you can’t get enough lakes, you can see the waterfall Soffia and the incredibly blue Lago del Mis next door! It reminded me of my trip to Croatia to the Plitvices Lakes.

Where to stay in the Dolomites?

The Seehof retreat & Spa was a case of love at first sight. A hotel exuding the savoir-vivre where the managers welcome you with a smile. The perfect place to relax and have a good time. I chose the romantic suite with an open bathroom and amazing views from every nook in the room. It’s impossible for you to sleep bad there or not to feel good about it. This hotel offers a “Meals Included” menu that includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and gourmet dinner. The quality of each meal is irreproachable and makes your taste buds travel! Not to mention their incredible spa. I could spend hours in this hotel, which is why a review of the Seehof retreat will soon be published on the blog.

Seehof retreat travel blogger sandinourhands

Then I decided to stay in a Tyrolean room, typical of the Dolomites, for the second hotel. So I stopped on the side of Cortina D’Ampezzo. The Hotel Ambra Cortina has a staff that’s more than warm and welcoming. A delicious breakfast and special attentions appreciated. Nothing is left to chance, their room styles are classified per floor for example. You’ll have the choice between Fashion; Cinema; Nature; Theatre & Luxury Roof. You choose!

Outfits in Dolomites

I usually never advise you on this subject but as I was surprised by the cold, think about bringing big sweaters, jackets, scarves & why not gloves. To me, the must-have for pretty pictures in the Dolomites are pretty hats and beautiful blankets / capes. You can find some beautiful on Offthegrid-us or Beaconlinens. Both qualities are equivalent.

Dolomites road trip travel blogger sandinourhands

I hope this has made you want to visit the Dolomites and to make your own itinerary because I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for. Feel free to check my permanent Instagram stories for more photos.




  1. Marleen
    27 January 2020 / 19 h 24 min

    Wow, this spot looks amazing! Did you spend two days in the area? I am planning a trip to Italy in early May and would love to visit this area!

    • Sandinourhands
      19 March 2020 / 17 h 40 min

      Hi Lovely ! I spent 3 entire days there , from 12th to 15th May and it was fabulous ! Hope you’ll love this part of Italy 😍

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