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Sometimes all you need is a road trip! The road trip is a very specific way of traveling. I would say that it’s a real adventure. I say you in this blog post why you need to make one!

The landscapes:

Did you ever happen to be in a cab and notice a beautiful landscape, building or photo spot but not daring to ask the driver to stop? And well in road trip, you turn around, you stop and you explore your way. This is how we often meet the most beautiful travel landscapes.

Freedom during a Road trip:

We never feel freer than when we make a road trip. We can stop when and where we want! Whether at the roadside, along a river, facing a mountain or at the edge of a cliff. Because you have to know how to lose yourself to better find yourself. This allows above all to be free and sometimes even to feel alone in the world.

Not to mention the temporal freedom. No need to start looking for public transport schedules or having to install the latest mobile taxi apps.

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Overpacking – Rolling wardrobe:

In Road Trip, in addition to taking as much luggage as you want (at least if you start from home), you’ll have a real rolling wardrobe. It saves me a lot of time! You know, an influencer changes on average 4 times a day … And yes, so it helps to be able to put your outfits on the back seat of the car.

Time saving:

Make a road trip means to have a real house, a dressing room and a kitchen. For my part, my car quickly becomes the place that saves me the most time and money!

We stop taking the necessary at the store and we left for hours of driving without stopping. What saves us in addition to taxis and public transport, restaurants and extra calories. (Well no, for the calories it’s wrong … Because often, we just nibble on the road).

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Learn about yourself:

Sometimes you’ll sing, you’ll dance but you’ll also have long moments of silence. You’ll observe the nature, the landscapes, and the sky. And that’s when you’ll be immersed in your thoughts, thinking about who you are, where you’ve come from and where you want to go (I’m talking here not just about the road trip but about your whole life). I would compare that to a kind of meditation.

My advice for the perfect Road trip?

Take the necessary: ​​clothes, snacks, drinks, good music and go on an adventure. Alone or with others, I’m sure you’ll love it.

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