Canggu food spots instagrammable travel blog

As you know, Canggu is certainly the most famous place in Bali. The Instagram capital of Bali! Everything is pretty, colorful, flowery, tropical and sunny. It’s in Canggu that we find the cutest cafes, bars and restaurants. Those we see everywhere on our Instagram feed. I’m sure you definitely see what I’m talking about.

While planning or not to visit Bali, I decided to share some of my favorite places to eat. They are all equal. The staff is smiling, the atmosphere is cozy, the food is delicious and the places are perfect for Instagram every time.

Fat Mermaid – Canggu

Here in addition to an extraordinary decoration, we enter in an eccentric world. In this restaurant we celebrate art, culture and food obviously. This is the perfect place to eat a bite and have a drink. The atmosphere is electric & vibrant. The colors are put forward as well as the summer life.

We find an Indonesian cuisine but also dishes more common to other cultures. So it’s easy to find something you like. From their decoration to their plates through their menus, everything is specifically chosen to stay in the “Fat Mermaid” atmosphere.

I tasted their smoothie, spicy noodles and panna cotta. I was only surprised by their distinguished flavors and the ideal presentation of each of their dishes.

Canggu food spots instagrammable travel blog

The Mocca 

You must have seen pictures of this restaurant. Specifically from these yellow Emanuelle chairs! Here, you’ll found a gypsy / boho chic atmosphere. What I like the most is their concept store. You can buy their decorations! And it’s because I didn’t have many places in my suitcase, otherwise I would have robbed their restaurants!

You’ll find local dishes but also pizzas, tacos, smoothies, etc. In any case, the dishes are colorful, delicious and arrive fairly quickly. I tasted a bit of everything as you can see in the picture! And everything was absolutely yummy.

Obviously the tropical vibes are present and we find absolutely the “Canggu” atmosphere at The Mocca. We don’t speak of local places here but instagrammable places (and therefore touristic one). For this restaurant, it’s important to make a reservation. There are not many tables and so it can be fast full.

Canggu food spots instagrammable travel blog

La Brisa – Canggu

Let’s go to the beach! There is a lot of Beach Club in Bali and especially in Canggu. But it’s in La Brisa that I decided to try the Balinese Beach Club experience and I have no regrets about this choice.

From the entrance to the beach nothing is left to chance. I have never seen so much decoration in one place. This is without a doubt the most instagrammable place I discovered in Canggu! You have a pool, sea view, designer seats, swings, teepees, etc.

Everything is in harmony with Bali. Some beach clubs are well known but not typical of the place. Well, La Brisa stays in the Balinese atmosphere that I love so much.

Canggu food spots instagrammable travel blog

Nalu Bowls 

You know my love for smoothie bowls. This is my ideal breakfast. I eat at least one a day while in Bali. Either at breakfast or during afternoon. I much prefer smoothie bowl than ice cream. It’s so fresh, so good and delicious. And it’s without a doubt at Nalu Bowls that I tasted my favorites.

Of course, you have several choices. What I love is their chill and tropical decor, their relaxed atmosphere and the names they gave to their smoothie bowls. The name of the biggest waves in the world. My favorite is Uluwatu made from dragon fruit but also Pipeline with mango and pineapple.

They all have a topping more than perfect. Prices are around 60K (which is a tourist price obviously but is well worth it!). Some of their bars have swings and you know that I like swings as well as smoothie bowls.

Canggu food spots instagrammable travel blog

Obviously there are many others, Canggu is full of bars and restaurants all more beautiful than the others and unless if you stay more than 3 months, I doubt you can try them all. All you have to do now is plan your trip to Bali!

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