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Montmartre is one of the most famous districts of Paris and is my favourite without doubt. I found there the romantic Paris of yesteryear. The artists, musicians and painter make it a unique neighbourhood.

Its seaside atmosphere with its old town style makes it an absolutely charming place. It’s to me the perfect district to escape for a moment the busy atmosphere of Paris.

I decided to stay in the district of Grands Boulevards and Pigalle. Both perfectly located.

The 5 unmissable of Montmartre

The Moulin Rouge is my favourite stop! There is a festive and chic atmosphere. I would have really enjoyed attending at a show but my budget was too short (you have to count 200 € per person and given my trip addiction I have to limit myself from time to time)

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The streets of Montmartre are just as unique and beautiful as each other. Walking in the streets of Montmartre and admiring here and there the small shops, confectioneries and coffees make it a real travel through time.

The Maison Rose is one of the most known on social networks. It’s located in the heart of the Montmartre district not far from the Sacré Coeur. I didn’t really understand the craze for this building except that it’s pink.

Paris and London metro entrances are the most photogenic according to me. Here is the address of my favourite: it’s called Lamarck-Caulaincourt and is located right in front of the Refuge restaurant in Lamarck Street.

The Sacré Coeur is certainly the most touristy place and so the one I least appreciated. The building itself is very pretty but the tourist crowd takes away all its charm. But what would be the visit of Montmartre without the Sacré Coeur!

Montmartre Paris Travel Blog Sandinourhands

3 Bonus about Montmartre

The wall of “Je T’aime” is also well known and is just outside the metro station Abbesses!

The Real Paris is a small photogenic bistro in Montmartre located near the wall of “Je T’aime” so if you’re in the corner, stop off.

Villa Léandre, a British look in Montmartre. A small flower paradise lined with Anglo-Norman styled houses. This unique alley attracts a lot of filmmaking and influencers.

Montmartre Paris Travel Blog Sandinourhands

Here are my two favourites hotels close to Montmartre!

The Maison Favart represents all the charm of Paris in one establishment. From the reception to the luggage service to the spa and breakfast, everything was perfect!

The rooms are perfect in terms of size and equipment and have a very Parisian style that I loved! As I organized my city trip at the end of October (and had a bad weather) I doubly appreciated their Spa after a cold day. It has a swimming pool, a sauna but above all an incredible hydro massage bed. And of course for the bravest a gym is at your disposal!

Montmartre Paris Travel Blog Sandinourhands

The Grand Pigalle Hotel is very contemporary and offers magnificent rooms with balconies. That’s what I liked the most in this hotel.

Great location, close to metro stations and restaurants in a popular festive and mysterious area this makes it the perfect place to stay.

Montmartre Paris Travel Blog Sandinourhands

Anyway, you understood that it’s impossible to resist the charm of the district of Montmartre! Have you ever been there? Which place are you looking forward to visit?




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