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Monaco was one of my stops during my road trip in French Riviera. Its location between Nice and Menton makes it the perfect place to stay.

The Principality of Monaco is very small (2kilometre square) so it’s easier to visit it by foot than by car. We decided to leave our little Fiat 500 at the Fairmont Hotel where we stayed.

Although Monaco isn’t very big there are a lot of nice things to discover!

The Monaco casino is obviously the first choice! It plunges you into the setting of many films whose most known is obviously James Bond.

Monaco travel blog Sandinourhands

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Sovereign Prince. It overlooks the city and therefore offers a magnificent view. It’s as beautiful by day or by night but it’s in the evening that you will be able to admire it in a quieter atmosphere.

The Monaco harbour obviously! And yet I didn’t have time to go for a walk although you know my passion for boats and marinas. This is my favourite pastime: wandering on the docks, planning my future world tour in catamaran.

The Rock of Monaco will enable you to have the most beautiful views of the city. You can access it by foot or by bus. I advise you to climb by foot to admire beautiful landscapes!

The old city surrounds the palace and offers a very lively and colourful atmosphere. Its vaulted passageways and cobbled alleyways offer a totally picturesque setting.

3 Pretty gardens for the nature side

The exotic garden is with any doubt my favourite one, the one that suits me the most. Built on the side of a cliff, it offers a breath-taking view of the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco travel blog Sandinourhands

The Gardens of Saint Martin was the first opened publicly in Monaco. It was at first typically Mediterranean but then had more exoticism.

The Japanese garden which is a complete break from your habits thanks to its typical decoration. This one was entirely conceived according to the principles of the Zen philosophy.

A unique and sumptuous hotel in Monaco

I had the pleasure to stay at the Fairmont Monaco located in the Monte Carlo area. This is certainly one of my favourites in terms of hotel chain.

You have the choice between several breath-taking views! View of the gardens, sea view or view of the circuit of Monaco (well-known for its Grand Prix): it’s up to you.

The Fairmont has a rooftop pool that becomes the famous Nikki Beach of Monte Carlo during summer time! From there you have the view of the city and the sea. What more could you ask?

Monaco travel blog Sandinourhands

Regarding the services offered: luggage, valet parking, spa, gym, massages, nothing is neglected.

What about food?

The Fairmont has 3 fabulous restaurants: the Nobu, the Saphir24 and the Horizon Deck.

The Nobu offers traditional Japanese kitchen paired with subtle blends of spices and aromas from South America. Its chic and cosy atmosphere makes it a perfect place.

The Saphir24 offers a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and the yachts in one of the most beautiful ports of the world. The meals offered are rather bistro-chic.

The Horizon Deck will provide you one of the best breakfasts of your life if you decide to stay at the Fairmont Monaco. It also offers an advantageous lunch formula for 45 € (unlimited!). With its panoramic view and its more than perfect buffet, it deserves the Palme d’or! (Laugh)

Monaco travel blog Sandinourhands

Have a drink in Monaco

The Buddha Bar offers an atmosphere that has greatly charmed me. I found myself for a moment in Thailand thanks to its decoration. Its lounge music and its delicious cocktails will please you for sure.

The Jimmy’z is the temple of clubbing. Welcome to an ultra-VIP world where the turntables have been touched by the biggest DJs in the world. The sea view, the carters, the terrace and its summer bar floating on the lagoon are waiting for you.

Monaco travel blog Sandinourhands

No need to tell you that the Principality of Monaco is in my heart. I feel the need to return there because I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to visit it.

I hope this pearl is on your bucket list!




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