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Nice was a favourite during my road trip on the French Riviera so I decided to dedicate to it a whole article!

I will tell you what I discovered but also give you two addresses to have a quality meal and my two favourite car parks.

Mandatory stop in Nice:

The Vieux Nice is made of small alleys and colourful houses and is very charming. The terraces here and there, the shops with nougat smells and the many churches make this centre a very pleasant place.

Place Massena and Place Garibaldi are two very well-known places in Nice but I didn’t really appreciate it. They are both unique and very pretty but too noisy and crowded by tourists or locals. I prefer quieter and more peaceful places.

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen this cathedral in my feed. The architecture transports you to Russia. It’s very easy to access and you can park near it for free.

Nice French Riviera Sandinourhands Travel blog

The Castle Hill offers one of the most beautiful views of Nice. Like during a walk you will pass a cemetery, an old cathedral and an artificial waterfall before arriving there. As you go down, enjoy the view of the Bay of Angels offered by the Bellanda Tower.

The Promenade des Anglais is much nicer than the Croisette in Cannes, mentioned in my article on my road trip. The promenade is bordered with palm trees and the water of the sea is more blue than anywhere else! Small bistros high up on the other side of the street and private beaches by the sea make you want to stroll all day long.

The iconic hotel of Nice

The Negresco is so famous that it even appears on the magnets of the city. It’s quite impressive to see that a hotel can represent an entire city! It must be said that the place is very charming and that its architecture is exceptional. On top of that the interior is a real art gallery!

The Villa Massena located just next to the Negresco is open only during certain hours. I recommend you to check the schedule before going to be able to walk in its garden and take some photos.

Where to eat? Two addresses: Nice specialty and a bonus!

Marinette Kitchen is definitely the place to be for lunch and brunch. Don’t get mistaken: it’s important to book your table if you want to eat there. The managers are incredibly kind and everything is homemade! They will detail you the entire menu and tell you where each food comes from. The open kitchen, the decoration, the quality of the dishes and the enticing smells will make it an unforgettable place. Want to see what I tasted? HERE it’s.

Casa Leya is located on the flower market square. A beautifully decorated interior and a small sun terrace give this restaurant an air of Italy. Delicious suggestions and a menu that makes you hungry: what more could you ask? The manager is available and very nice too. It’s a 10 for me and my bellyful! Want to see what I ate there? HERE it’s.

Nice French Riviera Sandinourhands Travel blog

For those who like to taste the local specialties, Nice has Socca. It’s a “wafer” made from chickpea flour cooked over a wood fire like a pizza. Unfortunately, I didn’t really appreciate the taste.

The Gelateria Azzurro located in Vieux Nice apparently offers the best ice cream in the city! So I’ll let you go and give me your opinion. I was too full to taste it after my complete menu at the two addresses mentioned above.

About Car parks in Nice

Be aware that parking can be a serious budget not to neglect when estimating the cost of your road trip. The first hour is free in most car parks, but be sure that they catch up on the followings. It’s not worth looking for cheaper car parks, they cost almost all the same price.

The second and third hours are the most expensive. So choose a single parking for the day except if you plan to spend less than an hour in it. Here are the ones I advise you:

The Palais Massena car park is close to the Negresco, the Promenade des Anglais, the Villa Massena and the beach.

Parking Saleya located below the flower market square is close to everything. Place Massena, the beach, the old town, the castle hill and my two favourite addresses are just a few steps away from it.

I won’t understand if you don’t feel like visiting Nice after this article! I will probably go back there to be able to walk longer in the old town and enjoy the beautiful private beaches offered of the Ruhl Plage.

Nice French Riviera Sandinourhands Travel blog

If you haven’t visited this city yet, tell me why it’s on your bucket list! Orthodox Church, beaches, sun? Which place did you prefer in this article?




  1. Marine
    10 November 2018 / 17 h 04 min

    I say yes for the palm trees, blue sky and bright sun 😍 Youhouu

    • Sandinourhands
      10 November 2018 / 22 h 51 min

      I totally agree with your choice haha 🕶

  2. Amber
    10 November 2018 / 21 h 57 min

    Nice article as always Sandinourhands. 😊 The place that attracts me the most is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral

    • Sandinourhands
      10 November 2018 / 22 h 53 min

      Thank you so much ! The Russia Cathedral was my favorite place there 😍

  3. Tiziana
    11 November 2018 / 1 h 08 min

    I would go for a walk on the “Promenade des Anglais” and the pretty palm trees 😍

    • Sandinourhands
      11 November 2018 / 12 h 01 min

      Can I join you girl ? It’s so nice to walk around this place 👒

  4. Lisa H
    11 November 2018 / 10 h 14 min

    This city looks wonderful Fany, thanks a lot for all this info 😀

    • Sandinourhands
      11 November 2018 / 12 h 04 min

      Glad you like this article Lisa 🙌 Nice is really pretty

  5. Jackie
    12 November 2018 / 6 h 18 min

    Does food count? Joke apart, this city is really beautiful 🤩

    • Sandinourhands
      12 November 2018 / 14 h 47 min

      Hahah yes for sure ! 🙌 Yes really wonderful and so tropical

  6. Rose
    13 November 2018 / 14 h 21 min

    It’s obviously on my bucket list babe! I have so much on it but you did go up the French Riviera in my list 🤩

    • Sandinourhands
      13 November 2018 / 15 h 51 min

      Haaa happy to read that Lovely 💕 I’m sure you’ll love French Riviera

  7. Lila_Travel
    14 November 2018 / 0 h 35 min

    Your blog is a success Fany. I’m super happy for you 🙏

    • Sandinourhands
      14 November 2018 / 20 h 29 min

      You are the sweetest Lila 💕 That mean a lot for me. I’m really glad you like it

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