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It’s 6 months later that I’m talking to you about my birthday in Bali! Have you ever dreamed of a perfect birthday in bali or on the other side of the world with your soul mate? I always had the destination and the proceedings of mine in my mind. Even if our desires evolve over the years! So this is the third year in a row that I celebrate my birthday in Bali. My wishes for this one were:

A night in one of the most beautiful hotels in Ubud

A morning waking up in a particular room at Bambu Indah : its floor is glass! Just below is a pond crayfish and from nightfall the room becomes even more magical! It’s illuminated with blue light and you can see enormous crayfishes. I have always dreamed of sleeping in such a place!

Bali Birthday Travel Blog Sandinourhands

My favourite breakfast

I take my breakfast at the hotel where I enjoy my favourite meal. A dragon fruit smoothie bowl decorated with mango and coconut shavings accompanied by a good home-made orange juice! It’s 9am, I have an hour left to make some shots of this incredible hotel. It offers everything you could want, yoga in the heart of nature, breath-taking views, a bamboo swing, a natural pool with a rope to swing on. And even at 25 I’m at child at heart!

A Flower Bath for the perfect Birthday in Bali

It was at the Udaya Resort Hotel on the other side of Ubud when I decided to take a bath of flowers. Believe it or not, it’s a “hobby” that has been on my bucket list for a long time! Many hotels and spas offer some but I wanted something absolutely perfect.

Bali Birthday Travel Blog Sandinourhands

Thanks to the power of social networks and especially Instagram I decided to book my flower bath in this hotel for my 25th birthday in Bali. A great team is dedicated to give you the best time possible. It’s 11 am when I enter my flower bath without damaging it!

I had always wondered if we have to put the flowers before or after entering the bath^^ which is a silly question isn’t it? But for those who ask everything is set up for the time of your arrival. I can’t tell you how happy I was; one of my dreams was coming true! But unfortunately time passed too quickly. After taking photos, posting stories and tasting some tea, it was already time to leave.

A high-perched vegetarian restaurant

I head a little further towards North with a planned stop in a little-known restaurant with amazing views and a complete vegetarian menu. The kind of restaurant that is still spared by the crowds of tourists you see? Akasha is a really nice place to take a break, I eat my favourite Indonesian dish -> Mie goreng (noodles with vegetables only) with a fresh watermelon juice.

Bali Birthday Travel Blog Sandinourhands

A walk in the most beautiful rice fields of Bali

What would be a day or a birthday in Bali without a visit of the Indonesian rice fields? Jatiluwih is classified as a world Heritage by UNESCO and was a huge discovery. Tegalalang can’t even be compared to it. Jati means “really” and Luwih means “special”and “beautiful” or the equivalent. The name fits perfectly. Real rice terraces, real farmers and not a fake place for tourists. Of course this place is a victim of its success but when I was there, there weren’t that many people. So I was able to walk peacefully and enjoy this haven of peace.

Taking care of elephants saved from Sumatra

The next part will surprise you because only a few people know it. I obviously inquired before booking the night. A reserve for elephants which have been saved from Sumatra located a little bit higher from Ubud. This isn’t a zoo, but a place to take care of the elephant survivors. It was important to me for a long time to feed and take care of these incredible and majestic animals.

I won’t lie: when I arrived, I was surprised to see that the elephants were attached. A wedding was also taking place in the middle of the reserve. My first impression was quite negative so I asked for explanations on the treatment of elephants and a carer explained everything very clearly. Elephants each have their own healers and are tied when food is present to avoid disputes. You can admire them totally free at night.

Bali Birthday Travel Blog Sandinourhands

Fortunately I chose a suite overlooking the park. Everyone couldn’t afford it considering its price of $600 a night (depending on when you stay). BUT this money is invested for the protection of elephants. It’s used for the plantations that feed them, the filtered water to hydrate them and the carers. It’s like giving a donation to their association. That’s why I didn’t mind paying so much for a night.

A surprise to sublimate everything!

The evening ended with a surprise cake and a stunning team singing “Happy Birthday”. It touched me a lot because I never celebrate my birthday. I go abroad but I never organize anything with my friends or my family. I’m most of the time with my companion and without fuss. Just him & me on the other side of the world. But 25 years old has to be celebrated right?

Bali Birthday Travel Blog Sandinourhands

So tell me, what would be your perfect birthday? A fateful place, a special person by your side, a flower bath? I’m looking forward to read your comments.





  1. Brittany
    1 December 2018 / 12 h 52 min

    OMG Fany !! You had the best birthday in the world. I’m blown away! 😻😻

    • Sandinourhands
      6 December 2018 / 17 h 40 min

      Hahah Yes it was really fabulous babe 😍

  2. Marine
    1 December 2018 / 13 h 34 min

    I can believe it. It was certainly your best birthday ever. I am tempted by a romantic flower bath with my Love 💍

    • Sandinourhands
      6 December 2018 / 17 h 41 min

      I totally agree Lovely ! The best birthday of my life 🤩 Flower bath was my favorite part of the day!

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