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A successful trip comes first and foremost by choosing a beautiful destination but also by choosing your hotel. You can travel to the most beautiful places in the world, if your accommodation is inappropriate, you’ll keep bad memories of your trip.

So I decided to share with you my advice to choose your hotel.

Let’s start with the 3 most important things.

1) The destination: Obviously, the choice of your hotel will be different depending on the destination. If you go to Marrakech, I would recommend sleeping in a Riad for example.

2) The period: When are you going to travel? During the school holidays or rather out of season? Pay attention to the rainy season, hurricanes,.. as well.

3) Budget: This will determine the range of hotel that you’ll be able to afford during your trip. With 100$ per night, you can offer a 5* hotel in Vietnam while it’ll not be enough for a 4* in Venice.

Once you know where and when you are traveling and your budget, all you have to do is choose your hotel. For this, I go through the famous site of This is for me, one of the easiest hotel search sites. But also the one on which you can enter the most criteria.

Choose your hotel travel blog

My criteria in order of importance to choose a hotel are:

  • Location: In order to know where to look for your hotel, it’s important that you know what you are going to do. For my part, I always prefer to be at the center of all planned activities. To avoid the cost of taxis but also to have a nice view of a famous building for example.
  • Free Wifi: If you travel far from your continent, your mobile service will not offer you free calls and sms. Warn your loved ones that everything is fine or check your emails will cost you less to choose a hotel with wifi.
  • The Wellness: It all depends on the destination, but I’m never against giving myself a moment of relaxation after visiting / walking all day. It’s a moment of relaxation, inner peace for me.
  • Parking: If you’re making a road trip or if you have planned to rent a car, it’s better to choose your hotel with parking. Your budget could explode just with unforeseen parking fees. And above all you’ll sleep much better knowing that this car is safe.
  • Food: Does the hotel offer breakfast? Does he have room service? It may be that after your day visiting, you don’t want to get up early the next day to find where to have your breakfast. Or that returning from the wellness late at night, you don’t want to leave your room and enjoy room service in your bed.

Choose your hotel travel blog

Obviously, these criteria can change from one person / destination to another. I’ll not be looking for the same type of hotel in Bali as in Marbella.

I hope that after reading this article, It’ll seem easier to choose your hotel.



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