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Instagram Feed travel blogger tips

Instagram feed is the first thing a visitor will see. It’s therefore this one that will determine if this visitor will be a new follower or not. Remember that it’s the first impression that counts, you’ll not have a second chance. Here are some tips to convince these visitors to follow your Instagram account through your Instagram feed.

First thing First: The Homogeneity of your Instagram feed.

Homogeneity is like your editorial line. So first, you need to find your style, what you’ll share, the tones (pastel or punchy) and brightness (rather dark or bright, hot or cold).

My first advice would be to keep one or two dominant colors. For example, the dominant color of my Instagram account is Turquoise (found across the sky, the sea, a pool, a lake etc). I then add a second dominant color (which changes throughout the progress of my Instagram, often in shades of orange or green).

It’s this “ALL” that will determine the cohesion of your Instagram feed. You can of course change it if it no longer fits you. Of course you’ll have to do it in a natural way. You are the only artistic director of your account, you must let your universe shine. All this without slowing down your creativity.

Instagram Feed travel blogger tips

Edit & Framing

You have to find / create your style, how far are you going to take your photos? In landscape or portrait? Or how will you edit them?

Your images must look like you but must also coordinate together. This will take time, you’ll have to do several tests. Creating your own style takes time and commitment. Be creative and stay yourself, everyone else is already taken.

You’ll go through phases of transitions before finding what suits you. Just try to stay consistent while developing your style. Don’t edit your photos with more than 2 different filters at the same time. Just like the dominant colors of your account.

Instagram Feed travel blogger tips

Quality instead of Quantity

Make sure your photos are sharp. The brightness, the framing, if nothing disturbs. Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of your friends / family. A true constructive opinion and not an opinion that will make you happy.

We all have a different view of things and that doesn’t mean that others opinion are bad. Any advice is good to take in order to improve.

If you like a picture but it doesn’t match your current feed, keep it but don’t post it. Don’t ruin your homogeneity for a picture. I’m sure this one will fit for later. Just wait for the right moment.

Preview your instagram feed

This will allow you to determine if your post is in the right place or if it would be better for later. Thanks to certain applications (like Plann, which I use on my side), you can have a preview of what will give your feed instagram before posting. I use it to manage the homogeneity of my editorial line.

Because the order in which you will post, will determine the beauty of your account. This saves you from posting a picture and then deleting it if it doesn’t fit.

Instagram Feed travel blogger tips

The most important things to remember are:

  • Be natural, yourself and spontaneous but also homogeneous.
  • Have fun, Love what you do / share.
  • Take your time to create your own universe.
  • There is no right or wrong with creativity.



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