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When you have in mind becoming a blogger / influencer, you’re faced with many existential questions. What will be my niche (the passion that you’ll share) but also what will be my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Handle?

You would have understood it, my niche being Travel, I wondered what drove me to travel. What I was going to share with you but also what kind of destinations. My Instagram Handle can’t be the same if it’s talking about tropics rather than mountains.

Instagram Handle is the name a person uses on Instagram to define their username. This may be what you want, and doesn’t have to relate to your actual name.

Your Instagram Handle is something important, although it can be changed later, it’s thanks to it that your followers will recognize you. It’s this Instagram handle that will be shared, identified and maybe famous one day.

It’s therefore necessary to take your time, I found mine in a few days. I wanted to be sure that it sticks to my personality, my desires and also to my old and future travels.

Sand in our hands

Although many think my name is Sandi; my real name is Fany. I had one day carry out a survey in my Instagram story and 80% of the people had voted: Sandi like first name instead of Fany. You can see how your Instagram Handle quickly becomes more important than your real life. (Joke)

Instagram Handle choose blogger travel

Sand in our hands is a name that I liked very much. And this for many reasons!

I’ll always choose a tropical place and therefore a place where there is sand facing another destination. Summer is one of my favorite seasons. And who says summer say sun, palm trees and sand. I could as well have chosen “Palm in my mind” as Instagram handle instead of Sand in our hands.

BUT it’s difficult to catch sand and hold it in our hands, the sand runs off between our fingers! And that reflects my personality. I can’t stand being held. I’m as volatile as sand.

The last reason is that sand travels and never stays in one place. I tend to be like sand, want to go in all directions. For me, nothing travels more than sand. It’s present in the most beautiful places in the world. On the beaches as in the deserts.

Tips to choose your Instagram Handle

  1. Ask you what will be your niche (make up ; travel ; food ; etc)
  2. But also what will you share and with whom
  3. Find keywords in your niche and choose your favorite, add a personal touch.
  4. The shorter, the better. Your followers will learn and remember it easier
  5. Use the same name that you have in other social networks.

In short choose one that’s consistent with your postings and agrees with who you are!

Instagram Handle choose blogger travel

Time is like a handful of sand, the tighter your grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers.



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