5 reasons to visit Bali

5 reasons to visit Bali Indonesia

Visit Bali is on your bucket list? Or, on the contrary, are you still thinking about it? I’ll give you 5 reasons to visit Bali because this island is one of my happy places and it’s time for you to discover it before it loses more charm. Bali was still a luxury destination not long ago. The trip we do only once in life or even on our honeymoon.

Still, visiting Bali is becoming more and more accessible. Air tickets from Europe cost about € 700 and you can find accommodation for € 30 per night with a pool and a nice view. In short, it’ill cost you just as much to go to a 5 * hotel in the south of Spain as to visit Bali for 2 weeks in a charming guesthouse / villa / small hotel. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons to visit Bali:

Waterfalls :

Like temples, Bali has a lot of waterfalls. You’ll also have to make a choice. Maybe I should share an article on my favorite waterfalls to make it easier. In the meantime, here are some of the most famous and incredible waterfalls in Bali : Gitgit – Tegenungan – Leke Leke – Sekumpul – Tibumana & Banyumala.

5 reasons to visit Bali Indonesia

Beaches :

White sand, black sand, pink sand, Indonesia is full of beautiful beaches and Bali has more than one! My favorite beaches are obviously the least touristy. Those for which it’s necessary to provide an effort before reaching them. Like Impossible Beach & Balangan in the Butik Peninsula for example. The most famous beaches like Kuta Beach, Dreamland or Jimbaran are pretty, but touristy.

Temples are one of my fav 5 reasons to visit Bali :

Visiting Bali obviously goes through the visit of its magnificent temples. It’ll be impossible for you to visit them all as Bali has more than 10,000 temples. These are often filled with flowers and rituals. Several Bali temples have become some of the island’s most iconic landmarks. Each temple is unique, that’s why I suggest you to choose some of them together HERE

Ulun Danu Temple Bali

Rice fields :

Bali has an incredible diversity. This island can only please you. The rice terraces are also one of the best « 5 reasons to visit Bali ». My favorites are undoubtedly the ones you see by the roadside (as on the road of sidemen) those which are free of tourists, tropical and especially local. Then comes the rice terraces of Jatiluwih, elected World Heritage of Unesco but recently become very touristy. AND I advise you to avoid Tegallalang rice fiels, purely created for the tourist.

Sunrises & Sunsets of course :

Whether you are an early bird or an owl at night, you can admire beautiful colors in the sky. They are different every day and still colorful and incredible. From the beach, from your terrace or from the pool of your villa / hotel, let yourself fall in love for a moment. And even if you aren’t early, believe me that it’s worth it!

5 reasons to visit Bali Indonesia

If after these 5 reasons to visit Bali you still don’t want to plan your trip, then you’ll never do it. And remember: Money returns, Time doesn’t.



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