Instagram Captions that Engage

Instagram Captions that Engage

Why Instagram captions that engage? An interesting Instagram account isn’t just about posting pretty images. The first goal of Instagram (in my opinion) isn’t to have followers but to create an engaging community! That is, getting reactions such as posts, likes but also and above all comments.

To encourage these reactions, we need a beautiful photo, but above all a catchy Instagram caption. A nice photo might get you a like, while a powerful caption will inspire your community to engage in comments. Let’s not forget that according to the Instagram algorithm, engagement is the key!

So here are my tips for writing Instagram captions that engage:

Give some encouragement

I recently wrote few captions like this and got quite a bit of feedback! For example, this photo taken during my trip to the French Riviera (photo that I wouldn’t normally post). I finally put it in my feed with the caption:

“This flower is for you! You who don’t trust yourself. You who should listen to yourself more. This flower is for you, to remind that you deserve to be happy. Tag someone who needs to read this. “

Encouraging your followers will allow you to build a community. Be grateful and thank them with this kind of Instagram captions that engage.

Instagram Captions that Engage

Add a Call to Action

This is without a doubt the best way to get feedback. Why? By asking a question, you invite your community into your universe. You make it understand that you’re also interested in its daily life. There are simple and effective questions like: Which image do you prefer? ; Have you ever been to Mexico, I need some advice! ; Double tap if you miss traveling; etc.

Take inspiration from the calendar, seasons, etc.

If I post on a Monday, I’ll automatically write ‘Monday Motivation’ and follow up with something positive or informative to motivate my followers for the start of the week. Wait it’s Friday? I’ll ask them their plans and then describe mines. It’s the beginning of the month? Oh Hi February! Are your 2021 goals still relevant? In short, I use all I can! The days, the months, the seasons, holidays etc.

Instagram captions that engage thanks to added value

Be generous! Share what you know (like me here through my travel blog). Share tips, dos and don’ts, music you love, your opinion about an ebook. The most popular videos / reels add value. For example: “10 easy Instagram poses”; “Add a sunset to your photos”; “Lightroom tips for beginners”; etc. What your followers want is to learn something.

Start with a quote

Obviously this should correlate with your Instagram niche as well as your post. I often start my captions with a quote, I find that opens the mind. I then tell the little story about the featured image. There are thousands of quotes and some are not known at all. What I also like is creating my own.

Instagram Captions that Engage

Use emojis and hashtags

Emojis are colorful and therefore attract more attention than just a word. I use an average of 4 emojis per caption, this makes it easier to read. Hashtags will allow you to reach more people, attract new followers. For that they have to be relevant. Place them at the end of your legend (don’t always use the same ones and don’t put more than 15-20).

Here you are with a lot of ideas, at least I hope so! I recommend that you take a day of the week and write a few captions. So get organized and alternate all of these ideas & share Instagram captions that engage!

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