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I had visited Spain many times before, but this was my first time in Marbella. This city is located in the province of Malaga, in the region of Andalusia. I’ll tell you why Marbella is more than beaches and sun!

Beaches, mountains, beautiful architecture, palm trees, sunshine, delicious gastronomy, culture, leisure but also an atmosphere of yachting and luxury. Marbella is famous all over the world for its wealth but also its pool clubs just like in Ibiza. So, here’s what to do in Marbella:

Visit of the historic districts

If Santorini is on your bucket list or if you have already visited it, I’m sure you will love the center of the old city. White alleys, flowery facades, restaurants at every street corner. A small historic district, a wonderful square, old churches and pretty shops! The atmosphere is warm and cheerful. Avoid attractive restaurants with small prices and menus in all languages. (Purely for tourists)

The square of Los Naranjos is very pretty, lined with orange parasols and buildings with old architecture. This is a nice place to have a drink, some restaurants are very good but others very bad so unless you know where to eat, avoid this place for lunch.

Walk to Puerto Banus 

Puerto Banus is very famous for hosting many stars and world-famous wealth. You can stroll around this harbor and contemplate luxury yachts and cars at exorbitant prices. Surrounded by luxury boutiques and jewelry, this place is one of the wealthiest in Spain.

Stroll through the yacht lanes, enjoy a meal with a beautiful view or contemplate this harbor with sea, mountain and magnificent elevated houses. I took some nice pictures and had a great time with my best friend there.

Marbella sandinourhands blog

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the pool club

Marbella is very famous for its bars, restaurants but especially for its various pool clubs. I’m sure if I tell you Nikki Beach you’ll quickly understand. Although this one is very populated, others were born in this pretty city.

Nikki Beach: Exorbitant price, nice atmosphere but totally overrated. If you have a new chest or you wear high heels in bikini, you will love this place. Don’t even think about sitting down without paying. The cocktail will cost you 15 € and a sunbed near the pool a little more than 300 €. The good points are the atmosphere, the music and the animations. It’s something to do or see but it is better to be dressed / undressed accordingly. Small advice, park away or come by the beach, the parking costs 25 € but it didn’t bother me to put my rental car in the shelter.

Ocean Club: Similar to the previous but less famous. Prices are a bit cheaper. A huge pool, softer music and a sea view. It’s a more open and disconnected atmosphere. You can even see people dancing or naked breasts. The guards are more understanding and less haughty than at the Nikki Beach. You can park in an underground car park because they don’t have a private parking. There is no entry to pay, if you are a girl, go past the home desk and move on without saying anything. Sit by the pool and enjoy a drink with your friends.

La Cabane Hotel Los Monteros: A very different style much more upscale and quiet. A place where you can relax and enjoy a pool overlooking the sea with a mojito. The price is not high, a sunbeds costs 35 €. I stayed there for a whole day. The restaurant offers good food with incredible views. If you don’t want to eat a heavy meal, there is a simpler restaurant that offers delicious little dishes. This place belongs to Los Monteros Hotel. This is the one I recommend the most if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, a place to enjoy a nice pool or if you just want a little luxury.

Marbella sandinourhands blog

Savor a good and beautiful breakfast in Marbella

If I am very difficult for a meal, it’s for breakfast! It must be beautifully presented and delicious. Which explains my love for Bali among so many other things! I want colors, flavors and not being hungry 1 hour after I finish eating.

Pan & Mermelada: It’s the local’s choice for American themed breakfast, lunch, Illy coffee & freshly baked cakes. They have a very diverse menu and don’t worry about what you choose because you can be sure of having a nice and colorful plate. This is the place where you want to stay from morning till night just to eat.

Celicioso: This restaurant is part of the hotel Nobu. A Zen and refined atmosphere. Like a haven of peace, you will have breakfast on the terrace. Tasty cupcakes, endless cakes and a menu that makes it hard to choose! I had already spotted this address thanks to Instagram and it was while going to the Rachel Eco Love that I realized that it was in the Nobu complex. I can only advise you to go see them Instagram feed to make you drool while waiting your visit to Marbella!

Rachel Eco Love: This one is certainly my favorite! Small stone stairs to get there, a wonderful pool and a small pink and blue bar. This mix of pastel colors made me love the place right away. A tropical and colorful atmosphere emerges from everywhere. Flamingos, comfortable chairs, too cute table sets, a totally instagrammable bar and a delicious menu! I must say that the only drawback is that it is located in the Nobu hotel too and the waiters totally look down on you.

Marbella sandinourhands blog

Opt for a Free Walking Tour

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to explore Marbella without spending a dime upfront, consider joining the Free Walking Tour Marbella. This tour operates on a tip-only basis!

You’ll start at the charming Plaza de los Naranjos, you’ll wander through the picturesque cobblestone streets of the Old Town, visit the historic Marbella Castle for breathtaking views, and then head to the glamorous Puerto Banús. Along the way, you’ll also get to sample delicious local cuisine at Mercado de Abastos. Finally, you’ll wrap up the tour with a serene stroll through the lush Parque de la Constitución.

And If you have time :

If you have a free day you can also go to Mijas. Between beautiful beaches and mountains, I would rather recommend Mijas Pueblo, anchored on a hill about nine kilometers from the coast. Small typical Andalusian white houses are nestled in a narrow street pattern as in Santorini. You can enjoy beautiful views, take a tuk-tuk ride to discover the beauties of this small village or simply lose yourself in search for the best photo-spots.

I unfortunately didn’t have time to visit this city as I would have liked. That’s why I’ll have to go back soon to take a lot of beautiful pictures and enjoy the good weather that Andalusia offers. The only thing I can recommend is the restaurant La Alcazaba that has a breathtaking view.

There is parking at 1 € per day in which you can park your car. All you have to do is take the elevator to the top floor to be in the center of the city. Or, if you like cardio, get out of the parking from the bottom and climb about forty steps as we did.

I didn’t talk about beach because I preferred to have a good time at the pool. When returning from Bali, the beaches of Spain, although very pretty, are no longer up to our expectations.

I hope this article was helpful when planning your visit to Marbella. Enjoy it for me and feel free to switch to my Instagram account to see other places in the Marbella fixed story.



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