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Budapest is a real favourite. I realized the visit of this magnificent city of the East in 3 days, and it has everything to please!

Budapest is both a cultural, young and eclectic capital city. For a long time the Eastern countries didn’t attract me. But last year I became concerned about Prague and Copenhagen. I wanted to be able to compare each country and make my own idea.

Buda and Pest were originally two separate cities. They were unified in 1873 which gave birth to the Hungarian capital Budapest. These two cities are today quite different cities. The city of Pest is flat and more authentic but Buda offers a more green, hilly and chic setting. The Danube crosses its two cities so thanks to the various bridges you can go from one side to the other.

What to see in Budapest?

The Hungarian Parliament is a majestic building that everyone has probably seen at least once in their news feed. Beautiful by day as well as by night, it’s on the other side of the Danube that you will be able to admire its grandeur and its splendour.

The St Stephens Basilica is located on a square with several restaurants. You have to pay for the entrance to enjoy the view it has to offer but it’s well worth it. You can see the most beautiful monuments of Budapest.

The Fishermen’s Bastion aka the Princess Castle is my favourite. I had there one of the most beautiful views of the City of Pest. There were not many people during my visit and I was able to fully enjoy this fabulous place.

Budapest What to do Travel blog sandinourhands

Buda Castle is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s located at the top of a small hill, and you have to take the famous funicular to go to this place. Unfortunately the line was way too long, so I went there by foot. You can walk around this castle and in its gardens for free. This is a place little known by tourists and very pleasant to visit.

Gellert Hill overlooks the city of Budapest. It offers the best view of the city! It’s not difficult to locate it because you can see on its summit the Hungarian statue of freedom from far away. After 2 hours of intense ascent through the forest we arrived at the top of this mountain. Little trick, you can go in Tuk-Tuk for a few Euros! Of course I didn’t know until I got to the top but I was pretty proud of myself.

Cruise on the Danube and its Happy Hour. What could be better than a little cruise at dusk to see all the aforementioned buildings light up while sipping a homemade cocktail with pretty plaid on the outside deck of a boat?

Turkish bathes are part of the common life of Hungarians. It’s inconceivable not to spend at least half a day there. There are several choices for you, but the best known are the Széchenyi thermal baths. It’s a beautiful place with an incredible outdoor architecture and baths ranging from 18 to 40 degrees. It’s so big that it’s quite difficult to find your way inside or to get out of it.

The Vajdahunyad Castle reminded me a bit of Dracula’s one. Few people know the place which gives it all its mysterious charm. You can admire a mix of architecture and various buildings inside the park. My visit was very pleasant, I did it the same day as the bathes visit, since it’s located next door.

Budapest What to do Travel blog sandinourhands

Drink and eat

Szimpla Kert is part of one of the trendiest spots in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. It includes many bars each one more original than the last. Artistic freedom is expressed loud and clear here.

Kazinczy utca is a bit further than Szimpla Kert but brings together different food trucks offering typical and regional dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and totally hippie!

Street Cakes is the place I would recommend if you want to taste the famous Kürtőskalács. It’s a pastry that looks like a chimney cake. My favorite taste is the cinnamon! In this place you can above all create yours by choosing your topping, coulis, chocolate, jam etc. It can be also filled with Ice cream but it’s a new concept from USA so it’s not really traditional

Mr Funk with his unicorn donuts is very close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica. They offer a variety of crazy donuts but also bagels and freak shake! You need to eat something there 🙂

Gelarto Rosa is the place that everyone is looking for. If you ever wanted to eat a flower-shaped ice cream, that’s where you have to go. Their sorbets are delicious and the presentation of their ice cream in the shape of a rose is just beautiful.

For breakfast my favourite place was certainly “La Maison Grand” with its chic setting and low prices. A menu worthy of a big hotel. There is something for everyone. Healthy, funky, porn food. You will find your happiness for sure. Their back room is fabulous and transports you to Paris for a moment.

Budapest What to do Travel blog sandinourhands

Thanks to this article you now have something to drink, eat and visit! All you have to do is find accommodation. I chose mine on AirBnb. It was very well located, spacious and comfortable. I love traveling in hotels but in some areas and some cases Airbnb is simpler and cheaper. We were 6 which was really good. HERE is the link of the one where I stayed in. (Don’t forget to use my Airbnb discount)

Enjoy your visit !




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      This city is so magical and beautiful 🙌

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    It makes me want to go there. The flower-shaped ice cream calls me haha 😏

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      This ice cream was delicious! 😋 But if you go, try the unicorn donuts from Mr Funk too. This one is just crazy and super cute 💕

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