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Who says travel says packing! On my side it has become such a habit that I never forget anything. (But let’s not talk too fast anyway). For ease, I open each of my wardrobes one by one to make sure I have everything I need. However, there are always things that are more important than others. That’s why I’m listing my 5 travel essentials for this summer.

1) Sand free beach towel – Tesalate

Every good traveler has a beach towel worthy of the name. Tesalate is an Australian brand that offers Sand free towels, that is to say that the sand doesn’t stick at all! In addition, they are ultra absorbent, dry quickly and their designs are really nice. What more can you hope for? A small cover in which to slip them perhaps? Well even that they thought about it! The towel once rolled up and put in its small cover is so compact that it fits perfectly in a bag. It’s 100% practical, you’ll understand it, so to buy yours it’s just HERE.

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2) Portable battery – Ideal Of Sweden

You’ll have noticed, I have been working with this brand for some time, which offers a lot of phone accessories. Phone Case, QI chargers, practical bags but above all portable batteries! How would you use your portable wifi if you ran out of battery? My phone is above all a working tool (Instagram, blog, collaboration, mail) but also my camera! YUP ! All my Instagram pictures and videos are taken with my iPhone. So I robbed Ideal Of Sweden which offers the cutest portable batteries to match your charging cable and phone case. Here is my code if you want to treat yourself “Sand10“. It will give you a 10% discount ON TOP of the 2 for 1 sale that they already have!

3) Sunscreen – Hawaiian Tropic

Whether you’re heading out to the sun or to the mountains, taking sunscreen should be a reflex. It’s important to protect your skin from UV rays. Who doesn’t like to be on a deckchair while reading a good book or having a beer at the top of the slopes? This year I decided to take Hawaiian Tropic everywhere with me. Firstly because it’s super easy to apply and secondly because I love the smell! Believe it or not, it just smacks of freedom, letting go, the sun. I use their sunscreen, oils and after sun as well.

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4) Sportswear – Stronger

Working on your tan or hanging out on your phone is fun! But having a physical activity must be a regularity. That’s why I always take one of my Stronger outfits with me. A short jog on the beach, a morning yoga session or a tennis match with friends. There is always a way to integrate sport into your daily life, including on vacation! Stronger outfits are really practical and always have super trendy designs!

5) Wifi Everywhere – Skyroam

Cutting off from the world can be wonderful, I have to admit that I really have a hard time cutting my phone off and enjoying the moment. I will be working on this “problem” over the next few weeks. But having wifi everywhere is still very useful, even essential. (Look at a review on Trip Advisor, search for a hotel, find an address, contact your family, etc.). That’s why Skyroam has become my number 1 of my travel essentials. I explain how it works just HERE and for those interested here is my promo code: “Sandinourhands15

Skyroam Solis Hotspot Wifi

I obviously have a lot of other travel essentials like my Beats headphones. Because music is one of the most important things for me, it puts you in a good mood in the morning. I also always take my mosquito repellent from Bye Bugz. Or my favorite jewelry from Tom Hope to accessorize my outfits.

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