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During my trip to Zanzibar, I looked for what to do / what to see on Google of course. I found the Chumbe Island website and I immediately fell in love with this sustainable project!

About Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island is an idyllic tropical private island a few kilometers from the main island of Zanzibar. Well known for its ecological innovation and its exceptional coral reefs. This island is also an award-winning private nature reserve that was developed from 1991 for the conservation and sustainable management of uninhabited Chumbe Island off Zanzibar.

As a not-for-profit, all the revenues from their ecotourism activities are re-invested into their conservation efforts and environmental education work with local communities. So I decided to spend two days there to support this project. But you can also choose to spend the day there.

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Why did I decide to stay in Chumbe Island?

Above all for my trip to have a positive impact. Staying in luxury hotels is good, but supporting local and sustainable projects is even better. Especially when the quality of life is no less diminished.

What hotel chain can offer you to dive into an exceptional coral reef, stroll through a preserved tropical forest or relax on a white sand beach? But also to stay in an exclusive eco-bungalow and discover the local / traditional culture and cuisine of Zanzibar while supporting their conservation and education efforts?!

From the moment a project is sustainable, ecological and supports the local population, it can only have my support! Especially when the sunsets are so beautiful

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Accommodation on Chumbe Island

In many aspects – it’s something really special and unique. The island’s accommodation are environmentally friendly architecture. They are designed to have near zero impact on the environment.

From rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy, solar water heating to composting toilets and vegetative greywater filtration. Hence, during your stay you can rest assured that you are keeping the island pristine.

Since there are only seven bungalows, the island never gets crowded, even when they are fully booked. So you’ll enjoy your privacy while having a feeling of freedom to live outdoors.

All bungalows overlook the sea and it only takes 30 seconds to walk from the comfort of your bungalow hammock to feel the warm tropical ocean lapping at your feet.

Chumbe island zanzibar accomodation

The proposed activities

Chumbe Island offers many different activities. Your stay includes all of these activities. These are scheduled daily according to the tides and the weather in order to have optimal conditions.

You have the choice! Do you like snorkeling? Go and admire historical monuments by yourself? Do you prefer to take part in guided nature walks? Or maybe read a book facing the sea? Chumbe Island has it all.

But in no case should you miss the opportunity to see the largest living land crabs in the world! Coconut crabs can reach up to 45 cm in diameter.

This activity is always after dinner / sunset, so you must stay overnight to participate.

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As you can see, this project is really positive, sustainable and ecological. I really recommend you spend at least the day there. And if you have the time / money, stay there overnight.

Believe me, the sunset is worth as much as waking up with the birds song or the sound of the waves. Staying on Chumbe Island is much more than just a visit, it’s a life experience and a participation in the development and conservation of it.



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