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Murano is an island mainly visited for its specialists craftsmen in glass blowing. Many shops exhibit models each one more beautiful than the next.

If you have looked a bit at the windows in Venice you have probably seen plenty of expensive glass objects. This is the famous Murano Glass internationally renowned for many centuries.

More authentic than its neighbour the island of Burano, Murano amazed me with the tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere that reigns in its streets.

Some history

In the thirteenth century the Venetian glassblowers were transferred from Venice to Murano (formerly invested by vineyards and gardens). This happened for two very different reasons: the first is that the furnaces were a potential source of fire and could ravage all Venice. The second is more mysterious since this moving probably took place in order to preserve the secret of this ancestral art. Indeed the workers weren’t allowed to leave the city at risk of death!

Murano Travel Blog Sandinourhands

How to get to Murano from Venice?

The most practical and economical way to reach Murano is the Vaporetto. The journey from the Fondamente Nuove pier only takes 10 minutes. As I advised you in my previous article you can also visit this island by coming back from Burano.

Murano is the largest island in the lagoon of Venice. Besides it looks a lot like Venice but more quiet. Anyway the principle is the same with canals, bridges to cross and streets lined with restaurants, shops and glassworks.

Buy the Murano Glass:

The island has a lot of shops selling the famous Murano glass. However if you want to offer a souvenir don’t forget to check its provenance.

Unfortunately today many glass creations are confused alongside products made in China that pretend to be authentic Italian products.

The best way to be certain of where it comes from is to visit a workshop to see the artisans working on their glass. This will also allow you to discover their incredible savoir-faire as well as the extent of their production.

You’ll not be able to take photos but you’ll then be directed to the small back room in which is sold only the real glass of Murano! I advise you to do your shopping in this kind of small shop.

Murano Travel Blog Sandinourhands

All I can advise you is to simply stroll through the alleys while enjoying the Italian Dolce Vita. Avoid at all costs restaurants along the canal or in the middle of large squares. Even if the view is enticing, the quality of the dishes is often trash!

If you want to read the article on the neighbouring island Burano click Here. I wish you a pleasant visit on this charming island! And to see more pictures and stories about my trip to Murano, I invite you to join me on Instagram.





  1. 20 October 2018 / 18 h 36 min

    Thanks for sharing that, I didn’t even know that Murano was so beautiful 😍

    • Sandinourhands
      21 October 2018 / 12 h 42 min

      It’s a pleasure for me to share my discovery beauty ! 💕

  2. 20 October 2018 / 19 h 47 min

    We visted Murano last time we were in Venice and got to see some glass blowing. It is such an amazing craft and some of the chandeliers are just breathtaking. Really loved your blog.
    x all about RosaLilla

    • Sandinourhands
      21 October 2018 / 12 h 43 min

      I agree lovely ! It’s totally breathtaking to see that. It really touches me that you like my blog. Thank you so much 😍

    21 October 2018 / 1 h 37 min

    Thank you Fany! My stay in Venice was wonderful and I loved Burano & Murano 😍

    • Sandinourhands
      21 October 2018 / 12 h 44 min

      With pleasure Paulina, it made me happy to chat with you! 😘

  4. Amber
    21 October 2018 / 6 h 08 min

    Difficult to choose between Burano and Murano. 🤩 Both are beautiful and look unique.

    • Sandinourhands
      21 October 2018 / 12 h 45 min

      Hey Amber ! It is true that these two islands are unique. 🙂 I enjoyed both but the atmosphere of Murano was less touristy 💕

  5. Lisa
    21 October 2018 / 12 h 16 min

    OMG I’m crazy about your outfit. You’re always so beautiful Fany 😜

    • Sandinourhands
      21 October 2018 / 12 h 46 min

      Haha Lisa you are so Cuuuuute ! 💕 I try to do my best 🙌🏻

    • Sandinourhands
      2 November 2018 / 10 h 52 min

      Thank you for your comment Diana 💕

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