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Gozo and Comino are the secondary islands of the Maltese archipelago. They are separated from Malta by a 5 kilometers sea sound. You can visit it in one day but if you want to have time to rest, it’s better to take two days.

How to get from Malta to Gozo?

The easiest and cheapest way to visit Gozo and Comino is the ferry that you can take from the port of Cirkewwa. The crossing lasts only 25 minutes and you have all the necessary comfort (small shops, toilets, outdoor seats etc.). We decided to take the car on Gozo. To do so, you just have to follow the appropriate signs for the ferry. It enabled us to save some time and money in public transport and in taxis.

The two-way trip car costs around €20 for a driver and a passenger. If you want to do it without a vehicle it’ll cost you €4.65 per adult and €1.15 per child. You always pay on the way back and not before. Click here to have more informations (Ferry website).

Private companies also offer organized tours of Gozo and Comino but it costs a little more and it’s timed. You’ll not be as free as us!

gozo comino malta travel blog

What to see in Gozo?

Gozo is known for its calm and relaxed atmosphere as well as for its many hiking trails. But we went there mostly for a few places:

Tal Mixta cave

You can hike from Ramla Bay beach to enjoy amazing views while losing a few calories. Or you can also do like us and take the road which brings you a few meters away from the entrance of this cellar. Tip: put some sneakers to enter the cellar because the path is scabrous. (Picture above)

Qbajjar Salt Pans

The salt manufacturing of Gozo are undoubtedly the most beautiful I have ever seen – as I told you in my MALTA article. The one of Qbajjar goes over 3 kilometres.

gozo comino malta travel blog

Wied il-Ghasri

A small cove of an incredible colour between the sea and the valley. Here, there are some steps cut into the rock to go down but this shingle beach is well worth it. However, pay attention to jellyfish (at least in April) in case of swimming. According to a local we met on the spot, some of them can be dangerous. (First picture)

From Gozo to Comino

From Gozo, you then have to go to Comino thanks to small shuttles taken from the port of Mgarr, where the ferry has dropped you off. It’s not possible to take the car on this small island.

Blue Lagoon is definitely the only thing to do in Comino. Relax, enjoy, swim and read a good book on this small beach with a crystal clear water. You can also make a romantic and girly picnic.

gozo comino malta travel blog

Now all you have to do is to plan your trip! If you want to know what to do and where to sleep in Malta it’s here !





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