Fairmont Monaco Hotel review

I stayed in Fairmont Monte Carlo during my road trip to French Riviea. It was my first time in Monaco and I wanted a well located hotel (in the most posh district of the world), offering a nice view and some facilities (parking, breakfast, swimming pool, etc). I think you all have heard or seen the name of this world-renowned hotel chain before. I was at the Fairmont Monte Carlo when I discovered the experience of their services.

Fairmont Monaco – Facilities:

The Hotel is located on the circuit facing the famous hairpin curve of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It has a spa and a 24/7 gym. During the high season, the Nikki Beach Monte Carlo opens its doors on the roof of the hotel with a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean Sea and of the Principality. During low season you can enjoy these amenities for free! I would recommend you to stay here in October (the weather is perfect and you will save a lot of money).

Fairmont Monaco Hotel review

The rooms:

I chose a two bed room with a sea view. I had never seen such a large single bed in double rooms before! The private terrace of the room was perfect to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea. The bathroom was spacious and had a bath, a double sink, bathrobes, a hairdryer and a toilet. The comfort and cleanliness of the room were absolutely impeccable.

Fairmont Monaco – Breakfast:

A buffet breakfast like I have never seen before! It’s impossible not to find something to eat there. Pastries and biscuits of any kinds and of an incomparable freshness. Delicious mango and forest fruit smoothies, fresh juicy fruits, a large salty buffet and also a cooker to prepare you good omelettes.

Fairmont Monaco Hotel review

Bar & Restaurants:

We gave the Horizon Deck a try. It has a breath-taking panoramic view. It offers a Lunch for €45€ to the height of the continental breakfast, which is served at the same place. It’s as good as the greatest and overpriced restaurants in Monaco. The cooker offer you two different kinds of dishes and cook your choice in front of you. In short, an affordable and quality service with a huge selection of appetizers and desserts. In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious and out of the ordinary Japanese meal at Nobu, near the reception. And if you are hungry, the Saphir24 offers a simple food service right in front of the casino of the hotel.

Staying at the Fairmont was an amazing experience that I will never forget! Don’t people say “Quality is better than quantity”? I’m sure this hotel will be perfect for your stay in Monaco.



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