The best Brunches in Barcelona

Best brunches Barcelona brunch

Who says living in Barcelona, ​​says discovering the best places to go out, the most beautiful beaches but also the best Brunches in Barcelona. After several months on site, my list was able to grow and that is why I decided to write this article! I also made a pretty cool reel Instagram about it, which you can see right HERE. So are you hungry? Let’s go !

Alsur Café

No matter where you are in Barcelona, ​​there must be one Alsur Café near you. There are currently 3 different addresses. I tested 2 of the 3 and the service is impeccable. Here is the composition of our delicious brunch: Their famous Choco Pancakes & salted butter caramel, a salmon bagel with an egg Benedict (a killer!!), a spirulina smoothie bowl and an avocado toast with pomegranate. Let me tell you, we just had a blast! It was so amazing that we went back several times. You can imagine that over 4 months, we tasted almost the whole menu! However what you see on the picture below is our best suggestion, just for you haha

Best brunches in Barcelona brunch

Billy Brunch

Same as for Alsur Café, you will automatically find a Billy brunch near you! There are 3 in Barcelona (including one with a small garden with swings, which is just too cute). We were welcomed like kings as well as my little Cuzco (French bulldog). To tell the truth, most places are dog friendly in Barcelona. ​​But at Billy’s, he was the little mascot during our brunch. The staff is just great! But let’s talk about the most important, our brunch! I chose an Acai bowl (if there’s one on the menu, I have to take that). An avocado toast with seeds, pomegranate & egg and of course Eggs benedict (two ‘slow cooked’ poached eggs on toast topped with hollandaise and salmon served with potatoes and salad). Since I tasted eggs benedict from Billy Brunch, it has become one of my favorite dishes so I recommend it!

Best brunches in Barcelona brunch

Eat my Trip for them Pancake Party

I love things that are a little crazy, out of the ordinary and Eat my trip is clearly the kind of colorful brunch that I like! They are in Barcelona & in Madrid. I was especially attracted by their colorful storefront and their pancakes party with a tower of cotton candy! Here is the composition of one of the best brunches in Barcelona. Thai Eggs benedict (poached eggs on top of brioche bread w/ spinach, mushrooms, peanuts & a delicious curry sauce yumm), Guacascramble aka my favorite (2 creamy scrambled eggs, guacamole & house marinated salmon on top of toasted sourdough bread) & of course the famous Pancake Party baby! I recommend the place 100%, their smoothies are just crazy too!

Best brunches in Barcelona brunch

Coco House, definitely one of the best brunches in Barcelona

Aaaaah the ‘best’ for the end, I liked them all but Coco house is downright a vibes ! They are also in Barcelona (right by the beach) & in Madrid. An atmosphere that reminds me of Bali, dog friendly, the basement is laid out in a rather cool way, with a swing, an old book wall with a view of the kitchen. Here is what we chose: A vegetarian bagel (homemade carrot hummus & avocado), a coconut mango smoothie bowl with lots of coconut and walnuts topping, two peanut butter and banana toasts (For Lisa, because on my side I don’t like the peanut taste at all) & the BEST coconut pancakes ever! You’ll have understood it, Coco house puts coconut everywhere and that for my greatest pleasure. All you have to do is let yourself be tempted.

Obviously, there are plenty of other places to have brunch in Barcelona but after having tested several, these are the 4 that I decided to keep for my blog article. Arm yourself with patience or avoid peak hours, because it’s impossible to book a table : first come, first served !

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