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Australia essentials beach romantic

Who says beach says towel, sunscreen & bikini but what if I told you that you could upgrade your beach experience with just a few items AKA my beach essentials ?

For those who follow me on Instagram, you could see that I decided to follow my dream. I left and sold everything in Belgium and went on a road trip to Australia. I bought an empty van which I then built as I had dreamed of since childhood. So I only took the essentials! But among the essentials, hides my ideal beach set up. (Oops, Instagram Life)

I mean, have you ever dreamed of picnics on the beach like you see them on Pinterest? A set up worthy of a romantic comedy? Well, I invite you to discover some items that I take everywhere with me! (And I live in a van so no excuses haha)

Beach Umbrella

Australia is known for being sunny but also for not having an ozone layer. Having a beach umbrella is essential for me! Firstly, because it’s super cute, it allows you to create a pleasant space and secondly because it protects you, you can take your nap on the beach without worrying. Mine comes from Palm Club by OZ (trail). It’s super practical, folds up easily, comes with a protective cover and therefore takes up almost no space.

Beach Essentials palm club

Insulated Picnic basket

Who says sun says hydration and what could be worse than drinking a hot water bottle? In addition to keeping all the food and drinks cool, being super cute and practical, it can also be used as a small side table. I love the slightly boho chic design, it really adds a little touch to the set up. (In addition, the bottles of wine fit perfectly, I say that I say nothing haha). Mine is from Beach Luxe Co.

Beach Essentials picnic basket

Beach mat chairs

This is the handiest thing I own! It folds up in 3 and takes absolutely no space in the van, I use them everywhere! At the beach, in parks, at festivals, it’s super light. I’ve been using them for a few weeks, and they are still intact, it supports absolutely all weight gauges. The material is super pleasant, and the sand does not cling to it especially! So that’s a big yes. They also come from Palm Club!

Beach Rug

Are the towels outdated? It wasn’t me who said that. Clearly a towel is super useful, but a beach rug is much cosier and cocooning (and yes even at the beach!). In addition, it can have several uses such as a bed cover, an outdoor plaid, a beach rug, in short, it’s according to your desire & your needs of the moment! Mine are from Wild Throw Rug. Why did I choose this brand among so many others? Because they are ethically handcrafted in India & Morocco & for every order placed, we plant one tree with One Tree Planted!

Beach rug wild throw rug australia

My last beach essentials : A pretty floatie

To stroll or for your social networks, it’s up to you haha! I absolutely love water! It’s clearly my element but I’m super scared of everything in it, especially in Australia. We agree that it’s here that there are the most dangerous animals in the world. So having a floatie is for me the solution to be able to stroll in the ocean without taking too many risks (it may be in my head, but it’s the best solution I have found now). They have several super cool designs! I also have a rose bottle floatie that I find too cool but that I have not yet taken a picture of. Exclusive only (joke). Mine are from Bambino Beach.

With my beach essentials you have enough to create your own space, be very comfortable at the beach and you will be able to take full advantage of sunny days. So clearly installing my set up takes me about 20 minutes but it’s worth it!

Since I’m in Australia, I preferred to choose Australian brands. Fair trade we say!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and protect your skin! For those who are thirsty for adventure or who have always dreamed of living in a van, I am waiting for you on my Instagram!



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