City trip to do during Spring time !

City trip during spring travel blog

Spring is coming and it’s time to plan your next trips! In this article I suggest you 4 city trip to do during this beautiful and colourful season with your girl friends. Whether it’s a thirst for escape or sun, these 4 destinations are waiting for you.

Venice, Burano & Murano

Although Venice is a romantic destination, I decided to visit it with some friends! I have to say that my partner works a lot. I loved the walks I had in the charming alleys of Venice & the good pizza I ate while looking at the gondolas! The neighbouring islands of Burano & Murano are also a good way to enjoy a full view! I recommend this destination for the charm of the city as well as its unique side. Find the full article of Venice here.

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French Riviera

If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I loved this destination. It must be said that Europe is full of idyllic places! I visited the French Riviera during Fall but I’m sure that spring is also an ideal time. Who hasn’t dreamed of wearing a nice hat, sunglasses and walking along the azure water, secretly hoping to meet a star? I recommend this city trip for beach, shops and sun lovers. Find the full article of the French Riviera here.

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My City trip in Croatia is certainly one of the countries that surprised me the most. I didn’t expect to like it so much. Beautiful cities, small islands with crystal clear water, mountains, greenery, everything was there! I went there especially to visit the lakes of Plitvices. This visit requires some physical effort, that’s why I suggest you do it in the spring and not during the summer. It’s more a sporty city trip that I suggest you here. Find the full article of my visit to the Plitvice Lakes here.

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Cinque Terre

Who has never seen a picture of this beautiful place? Colourful houses by the sea, a typical Italian “dolce vita” atmosphere where it’s good to live. I visited the Cinque Terre during my city trip last April with one of my best friend and we weren’t disappointed at all. I would recommend this city trip for its delicious ice creams and pizzas that we enjoyed but also for its ‘farniente’ side. Find the full article of my city trip to the Cinque Terre here.

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If you decide to make one of these city trips, don’t hesitate to read the articles dedicated to each of them. I’m sure it will help you to plan your trip.

Which trip did you plan for Spring? I would like to visit Malta, Tenerife & Algarve! I can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer.




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