3 things to do in Canggu!

Canggu things to do Bali

If there are 3 things you must do in Canggu it’s 1) Eat 2) Go to the Spa 3) Party. Canggu is known as ‘White City’; at least that’s what the Indonesians call it. Indeed, Canggu is a bit like the city of expatriates. And if we have taken up residence in this city, it’s for the 3 reasons that I have mentioned to you above. It includes everything you need and want. For the typical and cultural side, however, we will come back! I recommend Ahmed, Sidemen or even the north with Munduk & Lovina.

So I’m going to give you 2 differents places for each reason to settle there!

Eat well in Canggu

As I said above, it’s a bit like the HQ of expatriates, digital nomads, web designers etc etc. There are plenty of cafes everywhere in the city and for all budgets. Most of the time I spend my afternoon working where I have decided to eat. It can be the Green spot, the Tropikale or the best known like Kynd Community, Common, Crate Cafe, Shady Shack, Ruko etc. But here I suggest two restaurants rather for the evening.


Samesa is without a doubt one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in my life! Warm welcome, the concept is just awesome. Come as strangers and leave as friends. All the guests sit together at one table as one big Italian family enjoying a meal of the highest quality. It’s a 4-course dinner where around 18 dishes are served.
Only positives vibes here! The cocktails are to die for! Not to mention that endless food. And don’t be afraid to be hungry it’s impossible, there is something for everyone and for all tastes. It was as delicious as it was beautiful! If you are in Bali, I clearly recommend the address, we celebrated with the whole table (the free flow limoncello certainly had something to do with it haha)

Canggu things to do samesa bali


La Favela is a bit like the place to be, to tell the truth. They no longer need advertising. If you are in Bali and you love tapas, this place is for you. Although they expanded their menu recently! The interior of this restaurant is simply breathtaking. Their name La Favela is clearly expressed everywhere! From the toilets to the restaurant, to the bar to their rooftop. If you haven’t been to Mexico or Brazil yet, you’ll get a little taste of it. And from 10 p.m. the restaurant turns into one of the best places to go out! I arrived at the opening at 7PM and I left at the closing at 5am haha! In short, you will have understood, it’s a big yes for me. Everything was delicious including the cocktails and I strongly advise you to enjoy their good sounds all night long.

Best Canggu Spa – Bali

I have clearly never seen so many Spas as in Canggu. There is something for every budget. Balinese massages at 6€ for one hour, pedicures at 5€. But there are also slightly more luxurious Spas with certainly more inflated prices but with a completely different service. And the purpose of a massage is still to be pampered, here are the ones I recommend.

Canggu things to do Bali Spa

Goldust is a bit like the spa par excellence where you can do your treatments, massages, etc. I searched for a trustworthy place for a long time, and this is the one I kept during my 3 months trip. I do my semi-permanent nails, my hair care but also my eyebrow waxing, my face masks. A warm welcome like in a fairy tale. Hot ginger tea, pieces of watermelon. Background music, essential oils, etc. This is clearly another level! For example, if you do your nails, you have a hot stone massage included. I recommend it 100%

Amo Spa is one of the places where I could put my address haha. For my last month in Bali, I took cheaper accommodation without a swimming pool because I’m almost always at the Amo Spa. They have a saltwater pool, a 90 and a 120-degree sauna, cold baths at 4, 10 & 12 degrees. But also, two steam rooms, not too expensive food & snacks but above all the possibility of creating your own dish; I eat the same thing every day: Fried eggs, broccoli, sweet potato and cherry tomatoes. They also offer treatments, massages, etc. I tried their face care, and I was really delighted! For my part, I took the monthly member ship for the Sauna and it costs a bit less than 100€.

Party in Canggu – Bali

Bali has become the Ibiza of Australia. Canggu arguably has the best nightlife in Bali. The beachside town is packed with amazing bars, clubs, beach clubs and spots to party all night long… You won’t be bored but be careful not to get caught in this dangerous gear. There is always something to do, happy hours, places to be for every day and so on.

Canggu things to do Bali Atlas beach club

Atlas Beach Club is the biggest beach club in the world. You know my love for beach clubs such as Nikki Beach. I’m in love with it! I think it’s just great to be able to enjoy the sun, friends, the pool, good music while not coming home at 2am and procrastinating the next day. In my opinion, beach clubs are the ideal balance, and Atlas is clearly to be seen! A one-day experience: I arrived around 1pm, ordered food, drank a cocktail, swam a bit. I wandered around the club because they have a tropical garden, lots of activities, animal cotton candy and the longest bar in Asia. In short, it’s a mini amusement park haha. They have different show every hours from 6pm: Balinese dance, fire show, neon dance, etc.


Old Man’s, the most iconic venue in Bali ! I heard about it everywhere: At the restaurant, at the spa, at yoga. Old Man’s is where everyone goes from 8pm until midnight and then the party ends on the beach with another DJ. The atmosphere is nice, it doesn’t start late, it’s possible to eat there (they make delicious burgers apparently). You can also watch the sunset there. Finally,  Old man’s has a lot of positive points so don’t hesitate to go there!

Afterwards there are obviously plenty of other places to go out but to name a few: Sand bar, Lola’s; Favela; Finns beach club etc.

I have a million address in Bali to share with you, but this blog post would be too long. My advice is: check reviews on TripAdvisor for spas/restaurants; look at people’s dishes (because sometimes the quantity leaves something to be desired), In Canggu and Bali in general, we are very rarely disappointed.

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