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My name is Fany, I’m from Belgium in Europe but most of the time i’m elsewhere, traveling to discover the beauties of the earth.

I always had a passion for photography but I prefer posing infront of the camera than taking pictures. I had Several photographic projects and some exhibitions in Brussels but I felt that something was missing.

Traveling wasn’t really a part of my life before 2015, I traveled once or twice a year like everyone else. In 2015 i took my first long flight. It was a 9 hour long flight to the Dominican Republic. Coming back from Punta Cana I understood what I had been missing for so many years, the discovery of different cultures, new people and various landscapes.

Since 2015 i had visited a little more than 20 countries and I can tell you that my bucket list is growing day by day! Lapland, Cuba, Austria, Peru, Seychelles, Maldives, Cappadocia, Mykonos, Bora Bora, Nicaragua, Amalfi, Tulum, Costa Rica, Russia and so many places that only make me dream!

I created this blog to share my passion (and my tips), not only to show you the fascinating discoveries of the world through my eyes but also in the hope of inspiring other people to do the same.

I spend most of my time on instagram, I invite you to join me there!


What language do you speak?

French. In Belgium we speak 3 languages: French, Dutch and German. I mainly speak French and I have knowledge in Dutch. I learnt eanglish through travelling and communicating from the beautiful community in Instagram, so please pardon me if you find any error in my English 🙂

Wich country is your favorite?

Bali, Indonisea ! I love everything about it. The people, landscapes, culture, local wisdom, food, rice paddies, beaches, temples, everything!

Who’s behind all your photos?

Most of the time my buddy, but also strangers or just people i met during my travels. I don’t always travel with my partner even though it would be easier for a lot of things!

How do you travel so much? What’s about your work?

Haha yes of course! I have been independent since I was 20, so I don’t have a boss. I was in the event organization (hostess agency and baby shower planning, wedding etc). But I still have my own hostess agency. In early 2018 I decided to stop all the activities that forced me to stay in Belgium (Legal Assistant, administration of various companies, organization events) to devote myself to the creation of website, digital marketing and digital graphics. Which allows me as you will understand to be able to work freely geographically.

Your favorite quote?

I have a lot! I love Quotes so much because it inspires me. If I had to choose only one and it’s my motto as well that’d be :”Everything is possible for anyone who wants to believe it.”

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