Travel tips

I’m not a travel agent, so I can give you some travel tips, but I always organize my own trips! 🙂

Before planning a trip, I do a lot of research and create new maps for each destination.

 On Instagram, just search by location or use hashtags and watch popular images. When I like an image, I look at the thread of the account where the person stayed, where she ate, what to do, what to see. I save everything or take screenshots.

 On Google, I’m just looking for the name of my destination followed by “blog” (ex: Bali Blog). study blogs and take ideas for taking pictures. I usually go through a dozen blogs before making a trip.

 On Mymaps, I just add all the places, restaurants, temples, hotels, etc. that I want to see or visit. This allows me to see what will be my itinerary and which hotels I can choose.

This is some sites that I usually use to book my trip. It depends on where you come from but some are international!

Conseils de voyage Sandinourhands for hotels. I often go through this site not to say all the time!

Conseils de voyage Sandinourhands Airbnb for accommodation. Just enter the place, dates, number of people and you can also add criteria.

Conseils de voyage Sandinourhands for the cheapest flights! You can travel from €19,99.

Conseils de voyage Sandinourhands Skyscanner sets your trip according to your dates and airport of departure, it offers the cheapest destinations.

Conseils de voyage Sandinourhands Opodo is a flight comparator that I often use when traveling outside Europe.

Discounts for your bookings

Click here to receive 15 € of travel credit when booking Booking

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With these little travel tips, it’s your turn to plan your next trip. I hope to see you soon !

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