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Because above all, a successful photo is a nice decor but a wonderful outfit too.

If you follow me on Instagram, You know my love for maxi dresses! This is without a doubt the best way to feel like a princess. But where do all these influencers find their pretty outfits?

This is a question that is often asked to me. There are a lot of online store that sells them. Some are more expensive than others. So I’ll give you my favorite ones.

Showpo – My favotire online store

Showpo is one of the first online store I ordered. It’s been 2 years now that I order dresses on Showpo before each trip. The quality is just perfect, sizes are correct and the color always reflects the image. But there is especially a lot of choice and the possibility of seeing what the outfit looks like on a less fit person.

I love each of their collections and especially their maxi dresses of course! Unfortunately, I have no promo code for Showpo but I assure you that the price is worth the outfit.

JJ’s house

JJ’s house is one of the most famous online store for their tailored dresses. They sell beautiful ceremony, cocktails, prom but also bridal dresses! You have the choice between hundreds of dresses, their online store is very easy. You can choose by event type, colors or dress size to find what you are looking for.

I have two pretty dresses from JJs’ house. A blue one that makes me feel like princess Jasmine (right here). And one of my favorite dresses (just below) that I chose in burgundy. I totally feel like a queen in that one.

I have a coupon code valid until the end of October 2019: Sand20 (So don’t hesitate to order your Christmas dress right now!)

Online store Jj's house influencer


Shein is also a famous online store. Its prices are very attractive and they have an incredible variety of dresses. It’s surely one of the best plan to dress well and cheap! The best way to have a lot of different dresses for your travels.

I have a lot of clothes from this shop! The delivery is fast, the sizes are perfect and I have never been disappointed. I’m sure that you’ll find your happiness on Shein.

I’ll try to get you a coupon code! Of course I’ll come back to you if I get one.

My best advice

You must have noticed that I had a lot of different dresses. The special reason is not that I’m rich (believe me, I’m far from it.)

It’s simply: once I wore these dresses for my photos, I resell them on online applications (like Vinted for Belgium / France & Spain for example).

Once my outfits are sold online, I order others with this money. I “lose” usually only few euros per outfit because they have been used for only a few photos.

In addition, my beautiful travel photos sometimes allow me to sell the clothes at the same price and sometimes more expensive than bought.

Online store shein influencer

Now it’s up to you to play. It’s your turn to feel like a princess in beautiful dresses / outfits and transform yourself into a famous influencer.




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