Purelei opinion collaboration

As summer is coming to an end, this brand will brighten your day. Purelei collection is purely dedicated to enhance your outfits. No collaboration here but simply the will to become a little more feminine and test this brand.

Basically, I checked it for my Instagram and accessorize my outfits for better images but after a first visit I simply loved it and loved their range. I came across the rare pearl, the shop that everyone is looking for. You see this moment when you admire pretty feed Instagram while asking you: “But where do people find such nice accessories! ». Well Purelei is a shop that will meet your requests and desires.

It was very difficult to stop me in my tracks. I finalised my order with an overflowing bag! I had 3 bangles, 3 Ikona bracelets, 3 fabric bracelets, a charm bracelet (like a pandora in which we put charms instead of pearls but also design!) And 6 different charms (Pineapple, Palm tree, Compass, World map, Travel, Aloha) to enhance my bracelet.

The rapidity

I was looking forward to receive my package, as I made my order on a Tuesday and planned to left on the next Friday for Marbella. Barely 24 hours later the package was on my desk! No need to tell you how fast I opened it like a child in front of his Christmas presents.

I was pleasantly surprised by their neat and cute packaging, I could only love what they were hiding inside! The surprises continued with a nice free fabric bracelet. I also failed to tell you that at the end of my basket, 30% of my items were offered. Indeed at the time of my order and when I was writing this article, they propose an offer of “3 bought, 2 paid”. They like to surprise and brighten the day of their customers!

Purelei opinion collaboration

Purelei quality

After a month of use, I have absolutely nothing to say. Everything remains intact although I went into the sea with some bracelets, no visible damage ! The quality is irreproachable and they offer a guarantee of 2 years on the majority of their jewels in case of worries.

What I like most about Purelei is that their range is designed to give space to your creativity. You can mix each of your bracelets, they will always match together.

So it’s your turn to be imaginative and order the bracelets you’ve always dreamed of! I’ll give you a 15% Purelei promo code on your oder : Sandinourhands15




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