What’s a Media Kit?

Behind every blogger or influencer often hides collaborations, partnerships or affiliations. It means that they exchanged with a brand by email.

A Media kit is a document most of the time under the form of a PDF that you attach to your collaboration proposal emails. They allow the brand to know a little more about you and your universe. It also allows the brands to answer their most common questions at a glance. It makes both of you win a considerable time.

How to do your own Media kit?

I can assure you that 70% of brands will ask for your Media kit. So rather than doing it hurriedly and in the wrong way anticipate it so that it’s complete and aesthetic when you need it.

Some use Photoshop because they are used to this kind of software, but personally I used Canva. Everything is possible on this online graphic design platform. Do not worry: it is very simple to use, no headaches warranty!

What needs to be in a Media kit?

  • An introduction on the category of your blog / social networks. In short, the main subjects you talk about: fashion, travel, sport, etc.
  • Analytics about your different platforms. If you own a blog it can be the number of visitors, geographical data etc. For Instagram; number of followers, gender, age, demographics, engagement rate etc.
  • An overview of what you offer to brands. For example, sponsored posts, articles or stories, giveaways, etc.
  • Photo content because although analytics are important, it’s a bit boring. Add an aesthetic touch with some images!
  • Your previous collaborations. Don’t panic if you have not had one yet, you’ll come back to this point later. If you have already done a few, write down who, when and how. Activities, hotels, brands, restaurants?
  • Contact information: an email, the link of your blog, your nickname used on your social networks, etc.

It’s important to update your media kit quite often (at least once a month). Your influence or your followers can quickly evolve.

You now know what a Media kit is and what it should include. If you are a blogger or influencer, don’t hesitate to take the first step. Brands don’t always have the time to look for collaborations and will be happy to discover your profile.

You can subscribe to my newsletter and receive the example of my one page Media kit for free. With this Media kit, I had my first collaborations. I decided to make a much more complete one in September 2018, containing all the information mentioned above.





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