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Bye Bugz contacted me during the organization of my trip to Bali to offer me a collaboration. What is worse during a trip than to be attacked by insects of all kinds at every turn? Thanks to this brand, you can go and travel with a complete peace of mind!

Their goal is to make traveling, walking, camping, cycling, golf, etc. more enjoyable. Reluctant at first regarding the good functioning of their kit, I agreed to test it for myself.

So I received a bracelet with a refill that has to be changed every 15 days, a tropical spray to spray on the skin and a roll-on to apply immediately after an insect bite, jellyfish sting or contact with nettles. So here I am, ready for my adventure in the middle of the Bali Jungle.

Right after the landing of my plane, my bracelet was already on my wrist. The spray and the roll are easy to slip into a small handbag (practical aspect). During those three weeks I haven’t been piqued, bored at all.

On the other hand, the roll on Bye Bugz served for my companion who refused to put spray and also for a girl who got stung by a jellyfish in Gili Air. The itch stopped, she felt immediately relieved after the application of the roll-on on her skin.

Bye Bugz Sandinourhands travel blog

So I think with conviction that Bye Bugz is very useful when traveling or camping in any wet place attracting insects. Their bracelets are super design and you can choose between different colours (Coral, White, Black, Pistachio & Blue wave) so why not try it for yourself?!




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