Best Instagram apps for blogger & influencer 2019

Instagram apps are needed in 2019. Instagram is now the most used social network in the world. It has more than 500 million active users and 60 million posts are posted each day. So no need to say that your post / story can be quickly forgotten. Therefore it’s important to go with the flow or even better: to stand out from everyone else. In order to do so, nothing better than using external applications that will make your account attractive!

My favorite Instagram apps

Some are easier to use than others but they all have free functions. Here are 5 Instagram apps that will enhance your feed and stories:


My favorite Instagram apps ! If you want to have stories to the height of influencers, use Unfold. There are some free templates but the most beautiful are divided by charged pack. It costs $ 1.99 per pack; that’s to say a bargain compared to what it’ll bring you as a surplus value. I use it for the weekly sharing of “best follower” stories but also during my travels. Easy, fast & fun to look at.


I use this App a lot when I post a new article on the blog, for nice and unique Instagram stories, for create my Media Kit or for clients in webdesign. In short Canva is THE application you need. It’s easy to use and there is an infinite amount of templates. You can customize everything or directly choose the proposed models.


The perfect application to retouch your photos from your mobile. PicsArt enables you to do everything from your gallery. Cropping, stretching, retouching or adding / removing objects. Several filters, lights effects, frames, writings and stickers are available on this application. I admit I use it very rarely because it requires more techniques than the previous ones.


The most useful Instagram apps ! Thanks to this application you’ll be able to check the harmony of your account. Plann allows you to plan your feed. I have been using this application since the creation of my account. I never post a photo without checking its harmony with my feed before. Careful! I post directly from Instagram! I only use Plann to preview my feed to adjust my photo editing if I need.


This application is unique as it offers unique functions. It’s about cinemagraphy: a word that is still unknown to many, meaning the mixing of an image and a video. You may have noticed during the 2019 passage some images with fireworks in motion. Vimage enables you to easily create this kind of effect. You can add a hundred others such as flames, mist, rain but also birds and so on. The only snag is that this instagram apps is free for a few days but then costs € 1.99 per month.

Best Instagram apps for blogger & influencer 2019

There are hundreds of other useful applications such as Story Art, Hypetype, Spark Post or Inshot. I told you about the ones I use the most. Now it’s up to you to give free rein to your imagination.




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