Be successful in life

Be successful in life

What does it mean for you to be successful in life? ♥ This is the question I recently asked you on my Instagram. For me, the success of a life is to be happy and in good health.

But how to be happy? Each person is different and we all like different things. We all expect something specific in life. And that doesn’t remain stable, over the years, your desires and your objectives will evolve. This is why it’s difficult to stay happy. The human always wants more and this can be a quality as a defect.

But first, I share with you some of your best answers to my question:

« What does it mean for you to be successful in life? ♥ »

  • Be happy surrounded with people you love
  • Achieving your expectations on life, love & happiness
  • Being happy and at peace
  • Experiencing / traveling the world
  • To be able to look back and be happy to have done these things
  • Being happy with who I am
  • Living a full life with lots of stories to tell
  • Have a total freedom!
  • Being happy and challenged

After reading all of your answers, I think the biggest success you can have in life is to be happy and to be able to share it with someone.

Be successful in life

So, to be successful in life you need to do is find out what makes you happy!

Only you can know what makes you sad or happy. Take a sheet and write it down:

  1. Activities you enjoy doing (5 or more)
  2. People who make you feel happy (3 or more)
  3. Places / environment where you feel at peace
  4. Things that calm you down when you’re nervous. (minimum 3)
  5. And finally, goals you want to achieve this year (minimum 3)

To be successful in life you must make these 5 activities your daily life. You must share this daily with the people you mentioned. Take these people to your favorite places. Put your goals at the top of your to do list and when you don’t feel ready, use those things that calm you down. This will immerse you in a good atmosphere. Consequently your mind will be open and you’ll have an easier time working on the success of your life.

Be successful in life

If that can help you, Here is what I noted on my sheet:

  1. Discover, travel, meet, learn, laugh, karting, cook and also swim ;
  2. My sister, my roommate, my close friends ;
  3. Home, in the mountains, at the beach, at the spa but above all in Bali ;
  4. Listening to music, driving alone, candles ;
  5. Visit new places, become a flight attendant or hotel critic & create my brand / my training.

What if we put less pressure on our new resolutions and spend more time on what really makes us happy?

Smile more, be grateful, appreciate your past because it made you the strong person you’re today and above all live in the present moment.

Remember that money can’t buy health or happiness.

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