Did I reach my 2019 Goals?

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Like every year, I check whether I have reached my goals or not. 2019 wasn’t planned like that! My separation, my moves, my new job … I tried to keep my goals in mind but it wasn’t really my priority. Sometimes your plans can change and your life can take a new turn.

About my travel goals

Of course, if you follow me on my Instagram, you saw that I travelled to many new tropical destination like Martinique, St Lucia, Dubaï, Koh Samui and Guadeloupe. (And of course Bali like every year).  So my goal of travelling to a dreamy exotic destination has certainly been achieved.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to visit the United States this year, but it will surely be for next year!

Desert safari abu dhabi dubai

The worst part is certainly about my relation goals…

As you know, I broken with my boyfriend after 4 years and half in March during our catamaran cruise. So I’m still not married (joke). But hopefully, I’m fine about that. Relationships are something really important but not easy to manage / understand.

Travelling the World is all I need!

About my spiritual goals

Keeping a good routine wasn’t easy with my move. I have tried to read one book per term. The first trimester I read 3 books but after my separation, I totally forgot this goal.

About taking a day a month for myself, I’m far from it! I have to refocus on myself in 2020.

5 reasons to visit Bali Indonesia

Who said health goals?

Perform a minimum of 3 sports sessions per week, yes before my separation. My life was turned upside down, once everything was back in order in October, I resumed sport!

I still haven’t added the breathing exercises before going to sleep in my routine, but I’ll do that in 2020!

I wanted to reach my ideal weight, I managed this for 3-4 months, but all that was before the barbecue & the alcoholic evenings.

2019 goals travel blogger

My career goals have totally changed.

I had a lot of trouble writing articles. I lacked inspiration and time. I haven’t reached 50,000 followers on my Instagram but after all, it’s just a simple number. I prefer a small community present than a large absent community.

I had planned to sell my presets and create my first ebook, I totally changed my editing style. So it should happen in 2020 but I’m not putting pressure on myself.

I worked with very large brands this year. Like Tom Hope, Nuxe, Sudio, etc. But I especially collaborate with luxury hotel chains like Club Med, Renaissance, Park Hyatt, Nikki Beach,..

I changed jobs, I work a lot of hours, I spend my time in my car and on the road doing many kilometers because I work on the other side of Belgium. Which leaves me little time for my blog and my Instagram.

2019 goals travel blogger

You’ll understand, my life has totally changed and I have to adapt to it. It takes time and my content is probably less frequent and close to perfection but I still hope to be able to count you in my readers / followers for 2020.




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