2018 GOALS Sandinourhands Travel Blog

Each year, like many of you, I set myself a list of goals to reach by the end of the year.

“If you want to reach a destination, you have to know where you want to go! “

Let’s see together what were my goals for 2018 and if I reached them.

  • Being geographically free; working in a nomadic way

This goal is fully respected. I left the customers and the activities which used to block me in Belgium. Since the end of February I work in a totally free and nomadic way.

  • Overcoming my fears, trying new activities

I really overcame my biggest fear, the one of vertigo! I went on the swings in thin air in Bali and it really helped me to surpass it. And regarding new activities I tried skiing, sledging as well as breath-holding.

2018 GOALS Sandinourhands Travel Blog

  • Discovering and traveling more than in 2017

I would say that this one is totally achieved. I travelled about 10 times in 2017 and almost double in 2018 for my pleasure.

  • Having a better physical condition and better confidence in me

Next question ! It must be said that in 2017 my physical condition was excellent. I had reached my ideal weight but I didn’t realize it. 2018 was a failure at that level with a weight gain (Thanks to Italy and France for its good food haha) but I intend to catch up in 2019!

  • Reaching 25K on Instagram by the end of the year

It’s amazing but thanks to you it has been entirely possible. I proudly reached it in early October 2018.

2018 GOALS Sandinourhands Travel Blog

  • Eating organic food & limiting my meat consumption

Totally achieved! I drastically decreased my meat consumption, I eat 80% of organic food when I’m home. I also reduced my consumption of dairy products of 90%!

  • Buying a new computer and a new car

The computer was of course my best investment of the year. For the car, my goal has changed / evolved. You have to make choices in life, don’t you? What’s the point of having a new car if I’m not there to enjoy it?

  • Removing all sources of stress and anxiety from my life

I would say that this goal is 90% achieved. I “deleted” the toxic people in my life and stopped any harmful professional activity BUT I still have 10% due to the fact that I want to plan everything and constantly want to control.

2018 GOALS Sandinourhands Travel Blog

  • Connecting to myself through meditation and yoga

Regarding meditation, I was on a very good path until April. I realized every morning 30 minutes of meditation and it was very beneficial! I did my first and only yoga session in March during my trip to the French Alps.

Let’s also talk about this year’s positive things that weren’t in my list of goals:

  1. The creation of my travel blog, which was in my to do list for far too long!
  2. My first travel partnerships (Hotels, restaurants but also various brands)
  3. Learning English. I’m happy to speak this incredible language every day.

Broadly, I think that my 2018 goals have almost all been achieved. Some have changed, evolved and others have been set aside for later. My weak points this year have been meditation and my self-confidence.

2018 GOALS Sandinourhands Travel Blog

So I think I know where the worries come from. I put myself aside and I intend to work on that for the year 2019!

What about you? Tell me! Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself?





  1. 6 January 2019 / 7 h 43 min

    Pourquoi tu n’as pas continué le yoga ? Tu n’as pas aimé ?

    Je trouve que tes objectifs pour 2018 était très ambitieux, il faut le dire. Mais au final, tu as réussi à atteindre ces objectifs. Bravo à toi !

    Je vais aussi essayer de me fixer des objectifs cette année, car j’ai tendance à ne jamais faire de liste de résolutions malheureusement.. J’espère être aussi déterminée que toi pour les réaliser 🙂

    • Sandinourhands
      7 January 2019 / 17 h 06 min

      Par manque de temps je t’avoue 😐 ! J’aurais vraiment bien aimé continué car j’apprécie les étirements après mon sport et la méditation et pour moi le Yoga est un entre deux.

      Oui je suis toujours très ambitieuse, tu verras samedi prochain mes objectifs 2019 😁 (Merci d’avoir lu cet article bien qu’il soit en anglais en tout cas).

      Il n’y a rien de mieux que de se fixer des objectifs, de les noter et de les relire au minimum tout les 15 jours pour ne pas les perdre de vues 💖

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