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Collaborations between brands and influencers are becoming more and more habitual. That’s why I propose you to work together.


Because this allows companies, brands and hotels to have visibility on the instagram feeds followed by many people.  But also to get unique images or videos. And also they can get unique images or videos. It helps the cusmoters to know new brands and get connected with the company in a natural way.

Do you work with all brands?

Most of the time I select brands or companies related first of all to the theme of my instagram. Travel and lifestyle because my instagram isn’t an advertising board.

Who have you worked with already? 

  • A very trendy watch brand for travel lovers (there is a mapmonde in the dial).
  • An anti-insect product on my trip to Bali (A balm, a spray and an anti bugz bracelet)
  • A hotel on Bali entirely in bamboo and ecolodge.
  • A 5 * hotel in Marbella regarding their breakfast and their private pool club
  • Various vegetarian, organic or simply delicious restaurants!
  • But also online clothing sites, jewelry, parks, etc

How does this king of collaboration work? 

Brands and restaurants usually pay for their posts and stories. Consequently hotels offer accommodation and food. It also depend on what you are willing to offer. Of course I believe the best offer is made when the both moods are matched.

How to work together? 

Just write to Hello@sandinourhands.com or contact me on my Instagram.

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