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2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 is over and although we move on to a new year that will be wonderful for sure, I would like to come back to it to express my gratitude!

In 2018 indeed I achieved a lot of my goals (see my previous article). But most of all, I’ve discovered wonderful places, lived unforgettable experiences and met great people so here is my best of (which you may have discovered on my Instagram since I published it during the last week of 2018).

2018 Best of – Burano

I would start with Burano, a small island near Venice. Thanks to its colourful houses and its unique atmosphere especially, Burano enters in my 2018 best of. The discovery of its small islands was marvellous and magical. I came home with my head full of memories. The article is HERE

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – Bali

Who would refuse such a pretty flower bath? This moment was one of the best of the year. It’s been a long time since I wanted to do it and it was my birthday present from my partner on the other side of the world. Celebrating my 25 birthday in such a way can only be part of my 2018 best of!

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – Montpellier

This picture represents my trip to Montpellier. We stayed for the first time on a sailboat, it was an unforgettable experience! What a joy to wake up hearing the seagulls sing, to feel the boat swaying and enjoy incredible sunrise and sunset.

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – Croatia

Do you know how it feels to cross a destination out of your bucket list? Well it was doubly rewarding because Plitvice lakes in Croatia exceeded my wildest expectations. A continual enchantment throughout the discovery of this area makes it one of my 2018 best of.

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – French Riviera

This cathedral is as memorable as my road trip in the French Riviera. This was the first trip I did with an acquaintance who became a close friend after that. In addition to having discovered beautiful landscapes, enjoy azure water and perfect weather, I won a friendship that keeps growing and that, friends, is a 2018 best of!

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – French Alps

The year started well in Val Thorens. That’s all I expect from winter! Skiing, snow battles, go sledging, laughter, hot chocolate, raclette, friendship times and in addition a good evening at the spa to warm up. I’m dying to go back!

2018 Best of sandinourhands

2018 Best of – Marbella

My last 2018 best of is without any doubt Marbella! I fell in love with this city. Everyone who knows me knows that my favourite place on earth is Bali. Marbella makes me think a lot about the Gods Island. Smiling people, many palm trees, pretty beaches and above all a peaceful atmosphere. Check the article HERE

2018 Best of sandinourhands

Tell me in comment one of your 2018 best of! Any experience, destination, meeting? Or just tell me just what tempting you!





  1. Brittany
    12 January 2019 / 18 h 59 min

    I enjoyed finding myself in a spiritual retreat in India!
    I was reluctant but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life ✌️

    • Sandinourhands
      13 January 2019 / 16 h 28 min

      OMG I’m really jealous ! I’m talking about doing this for so long but I’m so scared 🙈

  2. Lila Travel
    12 January 2019 / 20 h 17 min

    Certainly my first trip to the United States! A gift from my parents for my birthday. I had been dreaming for years and now I can not wait to go back ^^

    • Sandinourhands
      13 January 2019 / 16 h 29 min

      Going to USA is on my bucket list and is one of my 2019 goals 💕 Maybe NYC or Miami 🌴

  3. Tiziana
    13 January 2019 / 0 h 56 min

    My favorite experience was a road trip with my best friend on the Amalfi Coast 😀 Your road trip in French Riviera makes me jealous 🌴

    • Sandinourhands
      13 January 2019 / 16 h 29 min

      Seriously babe ? Haha This road trip makes me dream! 💕 Positano, Amalfi, Naples & Pompéi

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